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Podcasts, Videos

Podcasts, Videos

New Film From The Kennel Club - 'Stop Puppy Farming'

The Kennel Club The Kennel Club's Stop the Suffering, Stop Puppy Farming film looks at the perils of the puppy farming trade and tells puppy buyers how to avoid falling into the hands of one of these rogue trader...
Posted: Monday 5th March, 2012. 18:00:41

How To Select A Dog Groomer Podcast

AVMA In this podcast, Dr. Derrick Landini discusses the dirty job of keeping our dogs clean and neat. Our dogs may be loyal companions, but we sometimes test their patience when we ask them to sit still...
Posted: Wednesday 22nd February, 2012. 10:14:05

FishBowl Worldwide Media Launches YouTube Channel Petsami

FishBowl Worldwide Media Petsami Targets Pet Lovers with a Unique Slate of Programming Including Shows from Carrie Ann Inaba FishBowl Worldwide Media, a next generation studio founded by entertainment industry veterans...
Posted: Thursday 26th January, 2012. 11:03:20

Podcast: Claw And Order

AVMA Tips on how to keep your kitty's claws from ripping up the furniture. Destructive behavior, such as scratching furniture, is one of the leading reasons people give up on pet cats. Declawing is one ...
Posted: Wednesday 11th January, 2012. 14:52:48

Hip Dysplasia Podcast

AVMA Dr. Amy Kapatkin discusses the signs, symptoms and treatments for hip dysplasia in pets. Hip dysplasia is a familiar term for the pet-owning public, even if they haven’t experienced it directly wit...
Posted: Wednesday 4th January, 2012. 16:58:40

Protecting Pets From Wildlife Podcast

AVMA In this podcast we share tips on how to keep your pets safe from wild animals. As pet owners, we do all we can to safeguard our pets from dangers in and around the house. We can do a lot to keep so...
Posted: Wednesday 21st December, 2011. 10:31:37

Antifreeze Toxicity In Pets Podcast

AVMA In this podcast, we discuss how small amounts of antifreeze can cause big problems for our pets. Antifreeze is a key component in keeping our cars running smoothly, particularly in these colder win...
Posted: Tuesday 22nd November, 2011. 11:22:39

Kick The Habit, For You And Your Pets - Podcast

AVMA In this podcast, Dr. John Reif talks about the health risks pets face from second-hand smoke. Since 1977, the American Cancer Society has marked the third Thursday of November as the Great American...
Posted: Friday 18th November, 2011. 16:36:35

AVMA Tips For Adopting A Dog

AVMA Adopting a dog can be one of the great joys in life for pet owners, but it's also a big decision that should be taken very seriously. In this video, Dr. Julie Dinnage, co-founder and executive directo...
Posted: Thursday 3rd November, 2011. 11:03:22

Disaster Preparedness And Pets Podcast

AVMA Tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, fires, blizzards, terrorism … no matter where one lives, no one is immune from a potential natural or man-made disaster disrupting our lives. Most of us have probably gi...
Posted: Monday 19th September, 2011. 17:50:04

Canine To Five - The Effects Of The Long Work Day On The Family Pet.

AVMA In this podcast we discuss the benefits of having pets in the workplace Eight hours a day, five days a week, 52 weeks a year. The 9-5 business day is nothing new to American families, but what do o...
Posted: Wednesday 31st August, 2011. 13:39:06

Is It Safe To Purchase Pets Drugs Online?

AVMA Internet pharmacies have emerged recently as a source of drugs not only for humans, but our pets as well. But is it safe to purchase our pets’ drugs online? In this podcast, Dr. Chuck Lemme, a member ...
Posted: Thursday 4th August, 2011. 18:25:46

Keeping Pet Spiders Podcast

AVMA When it comes to pets, most of us opt for the four-legged variety. But for some, eight-legged pets are twice as nice. Yes, we’re talking about spiders and the people who love them. So why do some peop...
Posted: Tuesday 26th July, 2011. 12:33:03

Podcast: Don't Give Your Dog A Bone

AVMA AVMA President Dr. Larry Kornegay discusses the dangers of giving bones to dogs. It’s an image we’re all familiar with: A dog chomping contentedly on a clean, white bone. But in 2010, the FDA issue...
Posted: Wednesday 13th July, 2011. 13:15:09

MRSA And Pets Podcast

AVMA Most of us are aware of the dangers of the drug-resistant pathogen MRSA, particularly in health care settings such as hospitals. But as Kristy Bradley, Public Health Veterinarian and Epidemiologist fo...
Posted: Tuesday 10th August, 2010. 18:00:34

Canine Cataracts Podcast

AVMA Cataracts are an eye problem that most people are familiar with but don’t really understand. We all know about the cloudiness that creeps into the eyes of our aging dogs, but feel helpless to prevent ...
Posted: Tuesday 27th July, 2010. 10:05:39

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