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Webinar Plus: Finding Ways To Thrive (not Just Survive) In Veterinary Practice 2022

Royal Veterinary College

8 months ago

Date: Monday 17th January, 2022 - Sunday 13th February, 2022
Start time: 9:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Duration: 4 hour(s)
Cost: £379

Key AreasMental health (depression, anxiety, psychological distress) and suicidePerfectionism, moral stressors, burnout, and compassion fatigueMindfulness and meditationSelf-care planning and practiceSleep hygieneSetting boundaries, saying no, and separating work from home lifeAbout this courseWant to focus on the solutions to stress in practice and learn how to thrive?There is no doubt that veterinary medicine has become plagued with mental health and wellness concerns including high rates of psychological distress, depression, and suicide that exceed those of the general population. However, a shift is needed to focus on the ways in which we can manage the stressors within veterinary practice, because the demands of the profession are not going away. These sessions will cover mental health, burnout, and compassion fatigue, as well as strategies that all veterinary care providers can adopt on a regular basis to foster wellness and sustain resilience despite the demands of veterinary practice.Week One: Mental health and wellbeing of veterinary care providers: from perfectionism to burnout and beyondWeek Two: Practicing veterinary medicine mindfully and its impact on the veterinary teamWeek Three: Self-care for the team: the key to surviving in veterinary practiceWeek Four: Strategies for sanity: sleep hygiene, setting boundaries, saying no, and separating work from home life

Who is it for?

Veterinarians and vet nurses

The Speakers

Marie Holowaychuk, DVM DipACVECC CYTSmall Animal Critical Care Specialist and Veterinary Wellness FacilitatorCritical Care Vet Consulting

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

16 hours

Registration and Booking

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