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Webinar Series: Behavioural Medicine

Royal Veterinary College

1 month ago

Date: Monday 27th February, 2023 - Monday 27th March, 2023
Start time: 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
Duration: 5 hour(s)
Cost: £35

About this course
This series of webinars will explore a range of behavioural medicine topics in dogs and cats. The important topics of the interplay between physical and emotional health and the role of chronic pain in behaviour change in dogs will be covered. A cat friendly approach will be considered in the context of veterinary hospitalisation and the underlying causes of confrontational behaviour in cats will be explored. In addition, the topic of prevention in relation to behavioural issues in puppies will be discussed and the role of the veterinary practice considered.

Why do this course?
Behavioural medicine is an important veterinary discipline and considering the emotional, cognitive and physical health of patients will help you to promote good welfare in non-human species.

Webinar topics
Monday 27th February: Cat friendly hospitalisation – optimising the inpatient experience
The hospitalisation of the feline patient can be challenging. The aims are to provide necessary physical health care while ensuring the protection of the patient’s mental well-being. These aims overlap considerably as the physical, emotional and cognitive health of the individual all impact on one another. This webinar will consider practical ways in which the health triad can be considered in order to optimise the inpatient experience.

Monday 6th March: Who says I am not in pain? Understanding the role of chronic pain in behavioural change in dogs
Chronic pain is a recognised factor in behavioural change in dogs but it can be very hard to identify. This webinar will explore the importance of recognising that pain is always what the patient expresses that it is. Failure to listen to our patients, with our eyes as well as our ears, can run the risk of chronic pain being left undiagnosed and untreated. This webinar will consider the various ways in which communicate that they are in pain and emphasise the importance of effective pain management in the field of behavioural medicine.

Monday 13th March: Emotional and physical health – understanding the link
Behavioural medicine highlights the importance of understanding the health triad and the equally important roles of physical, emotional and cognitive components in overall health of our veterinary patients. This webinar will explore how emotional and physical health influence one another and consider how this relates to the investigation of both physical and behavioural presentations to the general veterinary practice.

Monday 20th March: Confrontational cats – why do they behave that way?
Cats are sometimes labelled as feisty or even evil when they show confrontational behaviour toward people or other cats. In this webinar we will discuss the underlying motivations for confrontational behaviour and the various factors that can influence those motivations. The presentation will seek to increase understanding so that instead of labelling these individuals we can approach them with empathy and use appropriate handling and behavioural modification interventions which can successfully manage the behaviour.

Monday 27th March: Preventing future behaviour problems in puppies
With the increase in puppies in the UK over the years of the Covid pandemic a lot of discussion has arisen over problematic behaviours in young dogs. This has highlighted the need for more education in the field of preventative behavioural medicine and the suitable preparation of puppies for life in a domestic environment. This webinar will explore the various factors that are involved in prevention of unwanted and unacceptable behaviours in dogs as well as reduction of the risk of emotional illness in our canine patients.

The webinars will run from 12.30pm to 1.30pm London time.

Discount offer:
The cost of one live webinar is £35 or £150 for all five. The discount for booking all webinars will automatically be calculated when the webinars have been added to your shopping basket.

Recorded versions will be available to purchase for £25 each approximately two weeks after the completion of all live webinars.

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5 hours

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