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Small Animal Vet, South London, Various Dates. Ref: 1403179

4 months ago

Virgo Recruitment Ltd

Emma Thatcher

Various Locations, South London, United Kingdom

Our multi practice client is currently looking for an experienced locum to assist for the following dates:


10th June Croydon 8.45-12.15pm/New Addington 1.30-5pm 
19th June Ewell          8.30-7pm
22nd June Wimbledon 8-7.30pm

1st   July Raynes Park 11-7pm
13th July Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
17th July Caterham         9-7pm
18th July Croydon         9-7pm
20th July Croydon         9-7pm
20th July Caterham          8.30-7pm
21st July Wimbledon 8-7.30pm/9-5.30pm
22nd July Wimbledon        8-8pm
27th July Wimbledon 8-4pm
28th July Croydon         9-7pm
28th July Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
29th July Wimbledon 8-8pm
31st July Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
1st Aug Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
1st Aug Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
1st Aug Croydon         9-7pm
3rd Aug Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
4th Aug Wimbledon 10-6.30pm/9-5.30pm
4th Aug New Addington 9-7pm
4th Aug Tooting        8.30-7pm
5th Aug Croydon 8.45-12.15pm/New Addington 1.30-5pm 
5th Aug Wimbledon 8-8pm
7th Aug Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
7th Aug Dundonald   8.30-7pm
8th Aug Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
8th Aug Croydon         9-7pm
9th Aug Richmond         9-7pm
10th Aug Ewell                 8.30-7pm
10th Aug Caterham         9-7pm
10th Aug Wimbledon 8-4pm
10th Aug   Dundonald         9 - 7pm
11th Aug Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
11th Aug Caterham          9-7pm
11th Aug Croydon          9-7pm
11th Aug Ewell                  8.30-7pm
12th Aug Caterham          8-5pm
12th Aug Wimbledon   9-5pm
13th Aug Wimbledon         8 - 8pm
14th Aug Raynes Park  8.30-7pm
14th Aug Wimbledon  8-7.30pm
15th Aug Croydon          9-7pm
17th Aug Chessington 8.30-7pm
18th Aug Wimbledon  9-5.30pm
18th Aug Croydon         9-7pm
18th Aug Ewell                 8.30-7pm
19th Aug Wimbledon 8-8pm
21st Aug Wimbledon        8-7.30pm
24th Aug Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
25th Aug New Addington 9-7pm
26th Aug Wimbledon 8-8pm
27th Aug Wimbledon 8-8pm
29th Aug Kingston         9-7pm
29th Aug Ewell                 8.30-7pm
29th Aug Croydon         9-7pm
29th Aug Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
31st Aug Ewell                 8.30-7pm
31st Aug Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
1st Sep Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
1st Sep Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
1st Sep Tooting         8.30-7pm
1st Sep Croydon         9-7pm
1st Sep Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
1st Sep New Addington 9-7pm
2nd Sep Wimbledon 8-8pm
2nd Sep Caterham         8-5pm
3rd Sep Wimbledon 8-8pm
4th Sep Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
4th Sep Caterham         9-7pm
4th Sep Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
4th Sep Richmond    9-7pm
4th Sep Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
5th Sep Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
5th Sep Richmona   9-7pm
5th Sep Tooting         8.30-7pm
5th Sep Croydon         9-7pm
6th Sep Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
6th Sep Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
6th Sep Chessington 8.30-7pm
7th Sep Wimbledon    10-6.30pm
7th Sep Caterham         9-7pm
7th Sep New Addington 9-7pm
7th Sep Wimbledon 8-4pm
8th Sep Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
8th Sep Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
8th Sep Chessington 8.30-7pm
8th Sep Croydon         9-7pm
8th Sep New Addington 9-7pm
8th Sep Caterham         9-7pm
9th Sep Tooting         9-12.30pm
9th Sep Wimbledon 8-8pm
10th Sep Wimbledon 8-8pm
11th Sep Richmond   9-7pm
11th Sep Raynes Park 8.30-7pm
11th Sep Wimbledon 8-4pm
11th Sep Wimbledon 8-7.30pm
12th Sep Wimbledon 9-5.30pm
12th Sep Croydon           9-7pm
12th Sep Richmond           9-7pm
13th Sep Wimbledon   8-4pm
13th Sep Caterham           9-7pm
13th Sep Raynes Park   8.30-7pm
14th Sep Chessington   8.30-7pm
14th Sep Croydon           9-7pm
14th Sep New Addington   9-7pm
14th Sep Wimbledon   8-7.30pm
15th Sep Wimbledon   10-6.30pm
15th Sep Chessington   8.30-7pm
15th Sep Croydon           9-7pm
15th Sep New Addington   9-7pm
16th Sep Wimbledon          8-8pm
16th Sep Tooting           9-12.30pm
16th Sep Wimbledon    11-7pm
16th Sep Croydon 8.45-12.15pm / New addington 1.30-5pm 
17th Sep Wimbledon 8-8pm
18th Sep Richmond          9-7pm
18th Sep Tooting         8.30-7pm
18th Sep Wimbledon 10-6.30pm
19th Sep Wimbledon     8-4pm
19th Sep Richmond             9-7pm
19th Sep Tooting             8.30-7pm
19th Sep Croydon             9-7pm
20th Sep Richmond          9-7pm
20th Sep Caterham             9-7pm
20th Sep Raynes Park     8.30-7pm
21st Sep Tooting             8.30-7pm
21st Sep Chessington     8.30-7pm
21st Sep Croydon             9-7pm
21st Sep New Addington     9-7pm
21st Sep Wimbledon        8-4pm
22nd Sep Wimbledon     10-6.30pm
22nd Sep Chessington     8.30-7pm
22nd Sep New Addington     9-7pm
22nd Sep Croydon             9-7pm
23rd Sep Tooting             9-12.30pm
23rd Sep Wimbledon       9-5pm
23rd Sep Ewell                     8-4pm
23rd Sep Caterham             8-5pm
24th Sep Wimbledon        8-8pm
25th Sep Richmond              9-7pm
25th Sep Tooting              8.30-7pm
25th Sep Raynes Park     8.30-7pm
25th Sep Wimbledon        8-7.30pm
26th Sep Wimbledon       8-4pm
26th Sep Raynes Park     8.30-7pm
26th Sep Richmond          9-7pm
26th Sep Tooting              8.30-7pm
26th Sep Caterham          9-7pm
26th Sep Croydon             9-7pm
27th Sep Richmond          9-7pm
27th Sep Raynes Park      8.30-7pm
28th Sep Tooting               8.30-7pm
28th Sep Chessington      8.30-7pm
28th Sep Croydon             9-7pm
28th Sep Wimbledon         9-5.30pm
29th Sep Wimbledon         9-5.30pm
29th Sep Chessington       8.30-7pm
29th Sep Croydon             9-7pm
30th Sep Raynes Park      8.30-7pm

15 Minute Consults
Some Sole Charge
No Accommodation

If you can assist with any of these dates then please contact Emma Thatcher: [email protected]  with your CV, Skills list and day rate.

Tel: 44(0) 1633 524956
Address: Various Locations, South London, United Kingdom

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