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From L to R: Dimitris Fotiou and Lars Andersen, MD of Arty Lobster

From L to R: Dimitris Fotiou and Lars Andersen, MD of Arty Lobster

World-renowned 3D Artist Joins Arty Lobster

7 years ago

10th September, 2015 10h45

Arty Lobster

A renowned and cutting edge 3D artist and modeler has joined Arty Lobster (, a London-based firm that specialises in creating highly life-like sculptures of pets.

Dimitris Fotiou has re-located from Athens to join the innovative company to support its strong growth in the UK and abroad.

Dimitris, who uses technology as a medium to create art, studied sculpture at the Athens School of Fine Art and achieved his Masters in Fine Arts in Sculpture from the Wimbledon School of Arts in London.

He recently completed groundbreaking work for the Museum of Paleontology in Athens, where he 3D modeled ancient animal bones and artifacts. He is a Knowledge Expert at Shapeways, the world’s leading 3D printing service, community and marketplace for which he creates beautiful and unique 3D bracelets and other jewellery.

The artist’s work takes 3D tech to the limits by creating items that are truly bespoke and unique to the individual. Dimitris is recognised as an international expert on 3D art and has exhibited internationally. He has also spoken on contemporary art and Internet art at conferences around the world, as well as staged two solo shows. Since 2004, he has been a collaborator with the Web Biennial – a Biennial on the World Wide Web and since 2010 he has been a member of the organising team.

Lars Andersen, Founder and MD of Arty Lobster, said: “Dimitris is a truly exciting 3D artist who is very well-known for his ground-breaking work in the industry. We’re delighted to have made this significant new appointment, and I’m sure Dimitris will help to take our business to the next level.

“Pet memorials represent a significant part of our customer base. As our pets are becoming members of our family, we also increasingly want a memento of them to cherish forever, and Dimitris’s experience will help us to create even more accurate models of the beloved pet.”

Lars added: “In business terms, it’s an incredibly exciting time for us. In the first two quarters of this year, we have experienced strong growth in the UK and internationally, which has allowed us to take on two new full-time members of staff as well as to add to our team of dedicated associates.

“3D printing is still in its infancy, and as the technology continues to improve and artists like Dimitris continue to push the technology to the limits of what’s possible, we anticipate significant additional growth in the market.”

Dimitris said: “I am very pleased to have joined Arty Lobster, which is a dynamic and exciting business operating in a rapidly expanding sector. It will be exciting to be able to bring my 3D modeling skills to bear in creating lasting memorials of people’s pets, and I look forward to deploying my skills and knowledge to that effect.”

For more information and to order your 3D sculpture, visit the Arty Lobster website at:

For more information about Dimitris: and

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