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Passionate, Eager To Learn & Hardworking.

Posted: Wednesday the 22nd April, 2020. 16h20

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Overview: Hello, my name is Megan Stewart, I am 24 years old and am eager to learn more about the health and well-being of a variety of animals. I am extremely interested in undertaking a veterinary nurse apprenticeship at your practice alongside college and would greatly appreciate the opportunity. I am happy to volunteer at your practice to demonstrate my willingness to learn and drive to become a registered veterinary nurse. I have always been passionate about caring for animals and have a thirst to further extend my knowledge on the welfare of animals. I have detailed below information about my skills, my motivations and personality, I would be most grateful if you would read this.I excel in everything I set my mind to, for example I moved from a one section chef to head chef within a year through various training levels using a combination of online and practical assessments. Therefore, I believe I could be an excellent addition to your team.I have always been surrounded by animals as my parents are park rangers. They also own an ecology bat survey company that I have assisted with regularly rescuing and rehabilitating bats amongst many other animals. I greatly enjoyed learning to take care of the wide variety of animals my parents brought home.I have a strong love of animals and have previously owned dogs, cats, tropical fish, alpacas, rabbits and hamsters along with caring for a family members farm animals. I currently own a 7 month old male Shar Pei which comes with many health and training challenges. I have greatly enjoyed gaining in-depth knowledge about the many associated conditions, caring for him and seeing him thrive.The many necessary aspects of nursing care given hospitalised patients such as health checking, grooming, monitoring, feeding and walking animals is something to which I look forward.The wide variety of versatile/ adaptable/ utilisable/ multifaceted skills that I gained from working in a diverse range of roles e.g. being instrumental in the running of a large Cardiff restaurant kitchen as head chef for many years will help me greatly in the veterinary field. Whilst being head chef I managed a diverse team of 19 staff undertaking roles such as training staff nation-wide, recruitment, working effectively and efficiently with a high volume of customers alongside managing a varied team to everybodys full potential, working with over 6 different online systems to manage all components of the kitchen such as stock, people management and payroll also writing rotas working to set model hours and creating master sheets for high and low volume variances over 6 months to enable efficient ordering and limit waste amongst many others.I am computer literate and confident using a range of online systems. I also understand how fundamental social media is in building a reputable business and relationships with new customers. In addition, I interact well with people, am a good communicator and a very skilled organiser. I am very efficient and organised, many people I have worked with have complimented me on how organised and efficient I am even when faced with adversity and stressful situations. I always like to ensure that whatever task I am set it is completed in a timely manner.I enjoy maintaining a high level of cleanliness and hygiene in my workplace. I understand how important and integral it is to have a consistently thoroughly cleaned practice. I also pay strong attention to detail and have received many physical awards for this in my previous roles. I always strive for perfection and am able to adapt and respond to whatever is required at work as it comes naturally to me.The clinical side of becoming a RCVS registered veterinary nurse sounds to be very interesting and I am extremely eager to learn how to perform diagnostic tests e.g. blood sampling, urine analysis and x-rays along with monitoring anaesthesia, observing and recording patients vital signs such as temperature, pulse, respiration and pain rates efficiently. Also, I would love to learn how to prepare animals for surgery, perform some minor procedures e.g. suturing wounds and dental hygiene, assist the veterinary surgeons in the operating theatre as a scrub nurse when possible, take radiographs and work to the code of professional conduct for veterinary nurses. I am also keen to learn about administering treatments like injections, fluids, tablets & transfusions.My people skills have been gained from working in customer facing roles for 9 years, I greatly enjoy building rapport and having friendly engaging interactions with customers. I believe this is essential to promote an all-inclusive community spirit and an authentically warm, friendly and inviting environment. I am very personable and enjoy effectively building and sustaining relationships with current, new and potential customers. I believe with the correct training I could be excellent at communicating with pet owners, veterinary surgeons and people from a range of backgrounds.I would enjoy learning the skills to be able to educate pet owners on animal health for example vaccinations, worming, flea prevention, basic behavioural issues and appropriate nutrition. I believe that I could become very skilled at communicating with pet owners, gaining their trust and reassuring them about their animals treatment. I would love to be able to provide professional and empathetic support to animals and their owners before and after operations.I would very much enjoy learning about the health and welfare of animals whilst in a team based environment as I am an team player who adapts well to new working environments. I believe that teamwork is an integral part of care and would relish the opportunity to work as a member of the veterinary team working closely with veterinary surgeons and other professionals when caring for patients.I am also confident working independently as I am proactive. For example I have previously independently devised, created and implemented successful new training practices for my previous employer on a national scale. I like to use my own initiative when able, thinking creatively in order to solve problems when I have sole responsibility. I am also skilled at following instruction when working unsupervised.I thrive working in a fast-paced working environment but also greatly enjoy having a well made plan for the days tasks. I like to have a different challenge everyday and I am very skilled at staying calm and composed in stressful situations whilst staying cheerful. I also work well when dealing with emergencies and I believe this would be beneficial in practice when assisting during emergency procedures.I am used to working unsociable hours & am happy to take on weekends, bank holidays and overnight work. I have a full UK driving licence and fully meet the qualification requirements.I am very excited and looking forward to this new phase in my career and I would be extremely grateful for the opportunity to train or volunteer within your practice.Thank you for your time and consideration.I hope to hear from you soon.Warmest regards,Megan Stewart.

Age: 24
Gender: Female
Current location: United Kingdom
Qualifications: A-Level applied sciences, psychology, human biology sociology. GCSE additional science, mathematics, English literature language, geography, history, Welsh, philosophy religion, food technology and fashion textiles.
Qualified at: GCSE A-Level
Country qualified: United Kingdom
RCVS registered: No
Been qualified for: 6 years. I graduated in 2014
Type of practice I have experience in: Assisting with a bat ecology company assisting caring for family farm animals among a wide range.
Sole charge experience: No
Accommodation needed: No
Drivers licence: Yes
Availability: I am available immediately.
Special Interests: I have a special interest in the care of a wide variety of animals. I would love to learn more about exotic pets.
Computer skills: I have used a wide variety of management software in previous roles but I have not worked in practice yet. I do believe that I would be very skilled at using practice management software as I could transfer skills I have used previously.
Desired location: South Wales.Vale of Glamorgan.Bridgend.Cardiff surrounding areas.

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