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Experience Of A Lifetime Seeking Veterinary Nurse

Posted: Sunday the 7th November, 2021. 20h33

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Overview: I am a confident and free person that love to experience the world. My love for learning has taken me to almost all the continents. It was first when I volunteered with African animals in Zambia and South Africa that I realised that I wanted to become a veterinary nurse. I love to read so my kindle is my most prized possession. I also come from an active background and therefore love to keep active in the gym. My family has always meant a lot to me. They are very supportive even when I decided I wanted to travel the south American countryside with 30 people I did not know. And I know they would also support me for an experience like this.
I had a teacher in Uni that worked part of her career as a travelling veterinary nurse and as soon as she started to talk about her travels I knew that this was what I wanted to do.
I have a great love for the ocean and sailing. I started to sail with my family from a very young age and try to keep it up even now. I have never sailed professionally but have multiple times volunteered during big regattas.
I have a history of high-stress jobs so I can cope well under pressure.
I know on paper that I may just look like an inexperienced new grad, but I can assure you that I have more experience than a lot of my peers. If you give me a chance I will not disappoint.

Gender: Female
Current location: United Kingdom
Qualifications: BSc (Hons) veterinary nursing
Qualified at: Middlesex university
Country qualified: United Kingdom
RCVS registered: Yes
Been qualified for: I'm a new grad
Type of practice I have experience in: Referral and 24hr emergency hospital
Sole charge experience: Yes
Accommodation needed: Yes
Drivers licence: Yes
Availability: I need 3 months notice
Special Interests: My interests lie in surgery, imaging and anaesthesia. I have upcoming practical training in schedule 3 which will enable me to do stitch-ups, toe amputations, tail amputations, aural hematomas, mass removals and biopsies. I have experience in dental due to starting a course to become a dental hygenist. I know I have only been graduated for a short time but I am positive I can manage life and work in another country. I have a large amount of experience since I spent most of my training with an anesthesiologist and soft tissue surgent, now when I have graduated I work as the sole surgical nurse. I do not have the title behind me but I am in charge of surgery. I'm confident in orthopaedics, soft tissue, laparoscopy, arthroscopy and imaging (including orthopaedic imaging). I learn by observing and repeating, therefore I learn fast.
Computer skills: I'm confident in Microsoft words. Can do come excel
Desired location: Open for different countries

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