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Equine Nursing

Excel CPD - Vet Nurse CPD

1 month ago

Date: Monday 15th January, 2024 - Friday 9th February, 2024
Start time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Duration: 10 hour(s)
Cost: £205

Week 1: Broodmares: Dystocia, Caesarean and Post-op Care
Define dystocia and recognise the stages of labour
Maternal causes of dystocia
Surgical and non-surgical interventions
Post-operative care of the mare
Post op complications and preventative measures

Learning objectives:
Know the definition of dystocia and be able to recognise the stages of labour
Understand the causes that can be attributed to the broodmare regarding disease status and/or anatomy
Understand when emergency treatment is required and what forms of intervention are recommended
Understand what critical care treatment and monitoring is needed to assist the mare in recovery

Week 2: Neonates: Post Dystocia Resuscitation and Intensive Care Nursing
Foetal causes of dystocia
Emergency monitoring and treatment of the foetus in utero
Post dystocia neonatal resuscitation
Follow up intensive care nursing
Emerging therapies for the post dystocia neonate

Learning objectives:
Know the foetal causes of dystocia and understand how they occur
Understand how foetal monitoring and treatments can help neonatal survival rates
Describe the resuscitation techniques used to revive foals
Become familiar with neonatal critical care techniques

Week 3: Colic - The Nurse’s Role in the Assessment Workup
Diagnostic procedures
Laboratory analysis
Differential diagnosis – surgical or medical treatment?
When colic is not an intestinal condition
Preparing the patient for an exploratory laparotomy

Learning objectives:
Recognise the signs of colic and the reasons they occur
Understand the techniques the nurse can perform to assist in a diagnosis
Understand how to perform laboratory tests for colic patients
Understand what tasks are carried out to prepare the patient for surgery

Week 4: Colic - Emergency Surgery and Post-op Care

Preparation of the patient in theatre
Anaesthetic risks in the seriously ill colic patient
Common surgical conditions of the small and large intestine
The immediate recovery period following colic surgery
Post op critical care nursing

Learning objectives:
Recognise how to prepare a colic patient in the theatre
List the common intestinal conditions that require surgical correction
Understand the steps required to safely recover a patient from colic surgery
Recognise how nurses provide intensive care to the post op colic patient

Tutor: Bonny Millar
Date: 15th Jan - 9th Feb 2024
Cost: £205 +vat
Length: 4 weeks
CPD: 10 hours
Level: Intermediate

Who is it for?

Veterinary Nurses

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

10 hours

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