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Donor dog Luna

Donor dog Luna

Canine Platelet Concentrate Now Available From Pet Blood Bank UK

3 weeks ago

17th November, 2022 12h02

Pet Blood Bank

The charity Pet Blood Bank UK has announced the launch of a new blood product for dogs. Canine Platelet Concentrate is now available to vets, offering a more convenient and efficient treatment for life-threatening bleeding in canine patients. 

Launched at London Vet Show, Platelet Concentrate is the latest blood product to be offered by Pet Blood Bank UK, the UK’s only blood bank charity for vets. Platelets are a cellular fraction which is separated from fresh whole blood by a process of centrifugation. Prior to now, giving a patient platelets required transfusing whole blood. Platelet Concentrate provides only the required component and so offers more effective treatment and reduces the risk of volume overload. 

Platelet Concentrate provides lifesaving haemostasis, allowing time for further investigations to be undertaken or for specific treatments and interventions to be given or have time to take effect. The product is indicated in the management of uncontrolled or life-threatening bleeding due to severe thrombocytopenia or thrombopathia. 

Platelet Concentrate is produced from blood donations given by Pet Blood Bank’s community of donor dogs. The welfare of these donors is always the priority and all dogs undergo a full health check prior to donation to ensure all blood products are of the highest possible quality. 

Platelets have a short shelf life of three days from the date of collection. Therefore, will be sent out to veterinary customers using a same day courier service and should be transfused upon arrival. The dose is one unit per 10kg of body weight. 

Wendy Barnett, Clinical Director at Pet Blood Bank UK, said, ‘We are proud to offer this new blood product to the UK veterinary profession. Aligned with our mission to help save lives, we hope that providing quick and convenient access to Canine Platelet Concentrate will support vets across the UK who are treating dogs in what can be serious and life-threatening situations. Vets have been asking us for this product, so we are very pleased to now be able to offer it to them.’ 

Sophie Adamantos, Veterinary Advisor for Pet Blood Bank UK and Clinical Director at Paragon Veterinary Referrals, said, ‘Managing dogs with severe life-threatening bleeding as a result of extremely low platelet count has always been a challenge if we don’t have access to fresh whole blood. Having Canine Platelet Concentrates available will allow us to address the cause of bleeding in these patients, with the hope of stopping the haemorrhage and reducing our reliance on red blood cell products while we investigate and treat the patients. As the effect on platelet count will be minimal, this product is of most use in dogs that are bleeding.’ 

Canine Platelet Concentrate is available now from Pet Blood Bank. To order, please call 01509 232 222 or visit to learn more. 

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