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Feed Brand Offers A Free Year’s Supply Of Balancer, To Help With Weight Control

1 week ago

10th July, 2024 10h08


The SPILLERS™ brand is giving horse owners the chance to win a year’s supply of Balancer - all they need to do is complete an entry form here.

The SPILLERS brand hopes the initiative will encourage owners of good doers to make the switch to a balancer to help keep their horses at a healthy weight.

“A good balancer provides essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids to balance the base diet, with minimal calories, starch and sugar. said Bella Fricker, Project Lead at Mars Horsecare, home of the SPILLERS brand. “This makes them ideal for horses and ponies that keep their weight on a forage-only diet or those needing less than the recommended amount of compound feed.” 

Horse owners Heather, Hayley and Catriona explain why they haven’t looked back since they made the switch to a balancer:

Heather Tull’s 13-year-old mare Belle has been on SPILLERS Lite & Lean Balancer for over four years now: “She hunts and team chases on just her balancer and I've never had to add anything to her feed. It gives her everything she needs along with ad lib forage. I'm currently managing her weight this summer with a grazing muzzle too. So far so good.

“Belle is my second horse, and I sadly lost my first horse to laminitis. Having experienced something so horrible, I vowed to educate myself and sought the help of SPILLERS.”

Hayley Griffiths originally started out using SPILLERS Lite & Lean Balancer for nine-year-old Jasper: “Being a cob and a good doer Jasper gets soaked hay alongside his turnout. I liked the fact there was no added iron and there were increased levels of amino acids meaning he would receive the nutrients to support his muscles but with minimal calories. 

“More recently I've moved him onto the SPILLERS Supple & Senior Balancer. Despite him only being nine so not being classed as a senior it gives me peace of mind knowing I’m providing additional joint support, alongside pre and probiotics to support digestive health.”

Catriona Hunter switched 12-year-old Logan to SPILLERS Lite & Lean Balancer when he returned to work after an injury: “He had been out of work for eight months and had gained weight with being on box rest and lost muscle. I felt he would benefit from a good quality balancer to give him the vital nutrients to help him build topline as he returned to work and support his health as he continued to lose weight. 

“He's now leaner and looking and feeling amazing, his coat shines like it's never shone before, and he just looks a picture of health. Back under saddle he has been flawless coming back to work, not fizzy in the slightest. He loves his feed and I've already decided to keep him on his balancer.”

The lucky competition winner will be able to choose from: 

·      SPILLERS Daily Balancer (15kg) which is designed to balance the nutrients typically low in hay, haylage or pasture. 

·      SPILLERS Lite & Lean Balancer (20kg) which is designed to balance a calorie restricted diet.

·      SPILLERS Supple & Senior Balancer (15kg) which provides nutrients to balance a forage based diet alongside joint, digestive and immune support.

·      SPILLERS Original Balancer (20kg) which is rich in amino acids to support muscle development and topline and also includes digestive and immune support.

·      SPILLERS Ulca Balancer (15kg) - a multi-vitamin & mineral balancer for horses and ponies prone to gastric ulcers.

·      SPILLERS Gro N Win™ Balancer – a nutrient rich formula ideal for broodmares, foals, youngstock and stallions.

For your chance to win a year’s supply of balancer please complete the online form. Entries close on the 16thSeptember 2024. Please note that the prize will be fulfilled by voucher redemption in store. No cash alternative to the vouchers will be offered. T&C apply.

To find out more about the SPILLERS range contact the Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or visit

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