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SPILLERS Brand Represented At Global Equine Endocrine Symposium

2 years ago

9th January, 2023 13h43


SPILLERS™ was the sole UK feed brand to be represented at the prestigious Global Equine Endocrine Symposium last week, where the latest ground-breaking work on endocrine disease was revealed.

The makers of SPILLERS, via the WALTHAM™ Equine Studies Group, through their international collaborators, were involved with 10 of the 37 research papers presented, advancing the important quest to understand more about the diagnosis and management of Pars Pituitary Intermedia Dysfunction (PPID) and equine metabolic syndrome (EMS). Both conditions can be associated with laminitis.

The 5th Equine Global Endocrine Symposium, hosted by Boehringer Ingelheim, took place in Switzerland from 3rd – 5th January 2023. The event brings together eminent researchers and equine vets to share research and findings about equine endocrinological disease.

The 10 SPILLERS-associated papers were presented by researchers from around the world. Their pioneering work was conducted in collaboration with the WALTHAM™ Equine Studies Group who provides the science behind the SPILLERS brand.

·      Fang Li from the School of Biology and Environmental Science, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia presented a paper on why insulin dysregulation is associated with high autumnal ACTH concentrations in aged horses and ponies with no clinical signs of pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction (PPID).

·      Madi Erdody of Melbourne Veterinary School, Australia presented work on plasma immunoreactive β-endorphin concentrations and spontaneous blink rate as an index of stress, measured in a population of aged horses and ponies with and without PPID.

·      Pat Harris head of the Equine Studies group at WALTHAM™ shared research on muscle atrophy scores in a population of aged horses and ponies with and without PPID.

·      Nicolas Galinelli from the Melbourne Veterinary School, Australia discussed research on the effect of dopamine depletion on insulin sensitivity and insulin response to a glycaemic meal in Standardbred horses.

·      Edd Knowles presented part of his PhD work carried out at the Royal Veterinary College UK as a paper on factors associated with the insulin response to an oral sugar challenge in a cohort of ponies.

·      Erica Jacquay, a MARS EQUESTRIAN Scholar at the M.H. Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, USA presented research on the insulin response to short-term transportation stress in horses: Effects of age and insulin dysregulation.

·      Brittany Perron M.H. also from the Gluck Equine Research Center, University of Kentucky, USA discussed work on the insulinemic responses to small meals of forage pellets in insulin dysregulated vs non-insulin dysregulated horses.

·      Skye MacKenzie from the Melbourne Veterinary School, Australia presented research on plasma high molecular weight adiponectin concentrations in a population of aged horses and ponies with and without PPID.

·      Nicholas Bamford from the Melbourne Veterinary School, Australia shared work on the evaluation of adiponectin and serum amyloid A concentrations in equine diet-induced insulin dysregulation

·      Marine Barnabé from the Royal Veterinary College, UK presented a paper on the effects of experimentally induced insulin dysregulation on adiponectin concentrations in metabolically healthy, insulin-sensitive ponies.

“For our brand to be directly connected with the important work of so many leading lights within the equine endocrine research world makes us all extremely proud,” said SPILLERS Product Manager Sarah Nelson. “The development of our knowledge of the diagnosis and management PPID and EMS will in turn enhance our understanding of the management and prevention of laminitis, supporting our continued mission to make this world a better place for horses.”

To find out more about the SPILLERS range contact our Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626 or visit


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