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Excel CPD - Vet Nurse CPD

8 months ago

Date: Monday 7th April, 2025 - Friday 16th May, 2025
Start time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Duration: 15 hour(s)
Cost: £255

Week 1: Aetiology and Pathogenesis
Anatomy of the head
Tooth and periodontal anatomy, and oral soft tissues
Oral nomenclature
Tooth types, nomenclature and formulae
Eruption times

Learning objectives
Identify tooth and periodontal structures
Explain the Modified Triadan System of numbering teeth in the dog and cat
Recognise normal occlusion

Week 2: Periodontology
Aetiology and pathogenesis of dental disease
Periodontal therapy
Scaling and polishing
Pocket control and therapy
Medications, homecare (brief), dental clinics (brief)

Learning objectives
Describe how gingivitis develops and its progression to periodontal disease
Explain what gingivostomatitis is
Outline the process of safe ultrasonic tooth scaling and its purpose

Week 3: Oral Pathology and Treatment
Trauma and treatment options
Tooth fracture / discolouration / (sub) luxation
Dental diseases and treatment options
Tooth resorption / caries / periodontal disease
Malocclusion and treatment options
Traumatic / dental / skeletal malocclusions
Other conditions and treatment options
Enamel defects / dentigerous cysts / persistent deciduous / root dilacerations and abnormal morphology / tumours

Learning objectives
Identify common pathologies associated with the teeth and oral cavity
Describe some potential treatment options for common pathologies

Week 4: Oral Examination and Charting
History taking and clinical examination – conscious oral examination
Pre-operative tests
Assessment under general anaesthesia – including anaesthesia induction, intubation, oral preparation, probing
Charting – what to fill in, disease scoring and making your chart work
Imaging and other investigations
Radiography – parallel and bisecting angle techniques

Learning objectives
Confidently undertake a thorough conscious examination of a patient’s teeth
and oral cavity
Set up for and assist with assessment of the teeth and oral cavity in an anaesthetised patient
Accurately complete a dental chart which documents all pathology discovered upon examination

Week 5: Instrumentation and Dental Surgery
Instruments – use, care and maintenance
Dental machine and other powered equipment – use, care and maintenance
Ancillary equipment – use, care and maintenance
Preparation for and veterinary nursing assistance with surgery
Pre-, intra- and post-operatively, including analgesia
The role of intraoperative radiography

Learning objectives
Differentiate between different instruments used for dental and oral procedures, and state what they are used for
Describe the proper use, care and maintenance of a range of dental instruments and equipment
Explain the benefits of oral radiography in veterinary patients and outline the basic, fundamental principles of the parallel and bisecting angle techniques

Week 6: Dental Clinics, Products and Homecare
What is an effective dental clinic
Types of patients attending dental clinics
Resources for dental clinic consultations
Products and interventions available to help with maintaining oral health
Oral homecare regimes
Effective dissemination of theoretical and practical oral hygiene advice
Client concordance and follow-up

Learning objectives
Debate what makes a dental clinic effective
Explain the range of resources required to run an effective dental clinic, and the purpose of these resources
Describe how a range of products and interventions used to maintain optimal oral health work
Outline how to achieve and maintain client compliance with recommended oral homecare regimes

Tutor: Claire Bloor
Date: 7th April - 16th May 2025
Cost: £255 +vat
Length: 6 weeks
CPD: 15 hours
Level: Intermediate

Who is it for?

Veterinary Nurses

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

15 hours

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