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Nutrition For Life

Excel CPD - Vet Nurse CPD

11 months ago

Date: Monday 20th January, 2025 - Friday 28th February, 2025
Start time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Duration: 15 hour(s)
Cost: £255

Week 1: From Conception to Weaning
Parent health prior to conception and how this may affect pregnancy, parturition, and offspring
Nutritional requirements during pregnancy
Nutritional adaptations required during lactation
Neonate nutritional requirements, including how to hand feed effectively Weaning

Learning objectives:
Discuss how nutrition affects reproduction and key adaptations that are required
Have a clear understanding of how to promote health through nutrition during lactation
Identify the essential nutritional requirements for neonates
Understand how to hand feed neonates correctly

Week 2: Growth
Optimal growth
Effects of neutering
Nutritional considerations for large breed puppies

Learning objectives:
Correctly use growth charts to map growth Identify when growth is not ideal and the necessary changes that are required to maintain a healthy weight to adulthood
Have a good understanding of the nutritional adaptations that will be required at the point of neutering

Week 3: Adult Maintenance
Promoting health in adults
Maintaining a stable weight
Treat management
Recognise key aspects of feeding working dogs

Learning objectives:
Understand nutritional requirements for adults and how these must be adapted for each pet’s circumstance
Identify points of concern and to make appropriate recommendations
Reflect on how nutritional requirement for working dog may differ from pet dogs

Week 4: Golden Oldies – Senior Pets
Defining ‘senior’ age as an individual process
Understanding age related changes and how these require nutritional adaptation
Environmental considerations for pets in their senior years

Learning objectives:
Confidently assess the needs of a senior pet
Identify environmental changes that may be required
Understanding of the dynamic changes to nutrition that are required for seniors to better support the pet and pet owner

Week 5: Diet Choices
Examination of the pet food label
Introduction to alternative diet types and how to have conversations with pet owners
How to manage pets fed an alternative diet within a hospital environment

Learning objectives:
Identify all key information on a pet food label and how this is used to determine a feeding amount
Have a broad understanding of the pros and cons associated with alternative diets that are now commonly fed
Appreciate methods for assessing the suitability of alternative diets and how to improve safety
Confidently talk to the pet owner who wish to feed an alternative diet type

Week 6: Maintaining an Ideal Weight

Assess ideal weight through body condition scoring and muscle condition scoring
Simple steps to ensure obesity does not occur, and what can help if it does
How to calculate a feeding quantity of dry, wet or mixed diet types

Learning objectives:
Confidently be able to body condition score and muscle condition score to identify an ideal weight and good health
Understand how simple food management in the home can prevent obesity occurring
Thoroughly understand calculations for determining a feeding amount to prevent over, or under feeding

Tutor: Georgia Woods-Lee
Date: 20th Jan - 28th Feb 2025
Cost: £255 +vat
Length: 6 weeks
CPD: 15 hours
Level: Introduction / Intermediate

Who is it for?

Veterinary Nurses

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

15 hours

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