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Role Of The Head Nurse

Excel CPD - Vet Nurse CPD

7 months ago

Date: Monday 21st April, 2025 - Friday 16th May, 2025
Start time: 12:00 AM - 12:00 AM
Duration: 10 hour(s)
Cost: £205

Week 1: Performance Reviews and Appraisals
This first week, we will look at how to conduct appraisals and performance reviews. We will look at the different styles of checklists and forms that can be used to conduct these sessions, and we will discuss how to give feedback, whether good or bad. We will look at how performance reviews can be used to help with staff members who are not performing at an expected level.

Learning objectives
Know how to give constructive feedback
How to set performance action plans
Design an appraisal form, in order to conduct an appraisal

Week 2: Quality Improvement
QI is an important part of clinical practice and it often lands on veterinary nurses to conduct clinical audits. We will explore what QI involves, how to develop evidence-based practice, what a journal club is, and how to implement clinical audits.

Learning objectives
Understand the concepts of clinical governance, quality improvement and clinical audits
How to implement a clinical audit
Understand how to start a journal club

Week 3: Disciplinary Issues
We will look at what to do if you have a situation when a staff member that doesn’t arrive to work on time, has performance issues, or doesn’t comply to rules. We will look at how you can manage these people, how to set reviews and action plans, along with what to do if they don’t adhere to these action plans.

Learning objectives
Set action plans and how to review these
Know how to conduct an investigation into conduct
Understand what the disciplinary process involves

Week 4: Finances
Part of being a head nurse is also knowing how the business works – having a basic understanding of how your role as head nurse affects profit/loss is important. Stock control, purchasing, pricing and charging correctly are a vital part of this

Learning objectives
Understand the importance of stock control and how to implement a simple system to aid your stock takes
Understand the importance of charging and how making a few changes can make a difference
Know why it is important to charge for your time

Tutor: Nicola Lakeman
Date: 21st April - 16th May 2025
Cost: £205 +vat
Length: 4 weeks
CPD: 10 hours
Level: Intermediate

Who is it for?

Veterinary Nurses

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

10 hours

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