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Masterclass Vet Regenerative Medicine 2022 banner

Masterclass Vet Regenerative Medicine 2022 banner

A Masterclass Webinar Series On Veterinary Regenerative Medicine

1 year ago

30th November, 2022 15h23

The University of Galway

The University of Galway’s Regenerative Medicine Institute is currently running a Masterclass Webinar Series on Veterinary Regenerative Medicine. These are delivered by veterinary surgeons and scientists from the University of Galway, Colorado State University and Michigan State University. 

The series covers key concepts such as One Health and Regenerative Medicine; Cell Therapies for Wildlife Animals; Cell Therapies for Osteoarthritis; Cell Therapies for Bacterial Infections; as well as future technologies that will shape veterinary regenerative medicine in the upcoming years such as Animal Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells and Animal Cell-Free therapies.

All 6 webinars have received accreditation from the Veterinary Council of Ireland. The Institute also registered a QR code for each event for 1CPD for colleagues registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons, UK. These are unique, completely free of charge events organised by CALIN ( open to a wider audience and the videos are readily available following the webinar.

The team of veterinary scientists at the University of Galway is made of three female international veterinary scientists led by Prof. Frank Barry and all deliver one webinar of the series. Listen to each of the veterinary scientists introduce themselves and their work in the clips below.

Registration and viewing

To register for the remaining two live webinars one can find the links here:

To view the recordings of the previous four webinars one can view them here:

These are available for free viewing.

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