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Antibiotic Brand Offers Peace Of Mind

13 years ago

4th April, 2011 11h39

Janssen Animal Health has identified that vets are sometimes concerned about the affordability of medications limiting their ability to give ALL their patients the treatment of choice1. The problem is likely to be particularly acute for dairy vets, where their clients’ tight profit margins have to be taken into account. Janssen’s latest product is Truleva® RTU 50 mg/ml suspension for injection for pigs and cattle which contains the cephalosporin antibiotic, ceftiofur. Truleva RTU is available as a high quality, affordable preparation allowing it to be used, where appropriate, in all dairy cattle not just high yielders. Truleva packshot Vets identified that, as well as being able to give Truleva® RTU to all dairy cows, a significant bonus was the peace of mind that comes from zero milk withdrawal. This is due to there being minimal transfer of Truleva® RTU across the blood-milk barrier. Vets said that after identifying the appropriate therapy, they had to consider factors such as the risk of bulk tank contamination when products with withholding periods were prescribed, as fines can run to many thousands of pounds. The costs associated with lost milk production can also be significant – pouring milk away for a five day treatment and ensuing withholding period for a 40 Litre a day cow can cost more than £502 on top of the disruption to work processes. Vets commented: “It’s just easier not having to worry about the relief milker putting the milk in the tank.” “It’s a matter of the maths: how much milk a cow gives and how much saving there is for the farmer.” Truleva® RTU can be particularly beneficial in the treatment of metritis, respiratory disease or foot rot in dairy cattle due to its activity against the bacteria commonly involved in such diseases, efficacy of transport to the site of infection and penetration into infected tissues. Nigel Underwood, Janssen’s Livestock Marketing Manager for UK, Ireland and Scandanavia says that Truleva® RTU gives vets more choice to select the high quality antibiotic they prefer to use and use it in all dairy cows, regardless of yield. Truleva® RTU contains 50 mg/ml ceftiofur in an oil based carrier, presented in a 100ml vial, and is supported by a range of high quality support materials. Technical advice is freely available to vets who want to know more about the preparation. For further information contact Janssen Animal Health, 50-100 Holmers Farm Way, High Wycombe, Bucks, HP12 4EG Tel 01494 567555 Fax 01494 567556 Email: [email protected] Truleva® 50 mg/ml Suspension for injection for pigs and cattle contains 50 mg/ml ceftiofur. Legal category POM-V Always use medicines responsibly.
  1. Data source: Janssen in-house market research Nov 10
  2. Assumes milk price of £0.25 per litre

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