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Boomerang The Kitten Bounces Back Thanks To Pro Bono Hernia Surgery

1 year ago

18th June, 2020 14h59


Boomerang the kitten has bounced back to good health thanks to the pro bono repair of diaphragmatic hernia at Davies Veterinary Specialists in Hertfordshire (Davies).

The seven-month-old female domestic shorthair kitten was referred to Davies by Animalism Veterinary Surgeons in St Albans, when radiographs confirmed that she needed urgent surgery. Boomerang’s owner’s circumstances meant that she was unable to accommodate the costs of the kitten’s operation so big-hearted Davies offered the treatment pro bono to save the kitten’s life.

Davies took their customary multi-disciplinary team approach to the case; Boomerang was initially admitted and stabilised by Small Animal Surgeon Ellie Cockburn, who worked closely with the Specialist Anaesthetist, Sarah Gibson, in ICU to ensure Boomerang was made comfortable and as stable as possible for surgery.

“Boomerang was in considerable distress when she arrived and had severe breathing problems due to what was a large diaphragmatic hernia,” said Smita Das, Specialist Small Animal Surgeon at Davies, who performed the surgery.  “We initially put her in an ICU oxygen incubator with an IV catheter and prepared her for surgery as quickly as possible.”

Smita found a tear within Boomerang’s diaphragm which had allowed the stomach, spleen, part of the liver, part of the pancreas and much of the intestines to get trapped inside the kitten’s chest cavity. This didn’t leave much space for her lungs and made breathing extremely difficult.

During the surgical procedure Smita and Rotating Intern Hannah Badham reduced the hernia and repaired the hole in the diaphragm while Sarah maintained anaesthesia, providing careful respiratory management. Boomerang made a good initial recovery and was discharged home to her owner two days later.

“Boomerang’s owner was extremely grateful for the pro bono treatment for her family’s much-loved pet and we were proud to be able to help in this way,” said Smita. “We would expect that Boomerang should now go on to live a normal life.”

To find out more please visit call Davies on 01582 883950.

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