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Ceva Extends Skincare Range With DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion

7 months ago

1st October, 2020 12h10


Ceva Animal Health has extended its popular DOUXO skincare range with the launch of DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion.

DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion is a gentle, non-oily ear cleaner that effectively removes excess ear wax and debris from the ear canal and skin in both dogs and cats.  It can be used for routine ear cleaning and removal of ear wax and as an ear cleaner prior to ear treatments in order to help clean the ear canal of debris.  It is fast drying and pleasant to use and the lotion can also be adapted for the routine cleaning of skin folds and around the eyes.

Containing phytosphingosine, which supports the skin’s natural barrier, and rhamnosoft, for a soothing effect, DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion features a unique micellar formulation allowing a degreasing action while avoiding the oily texture that you can get with some ear cleaners.  The micellar structure carries oily, degreasing ingredients in spheres that can be dissolved in an aqueous liquid.  DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion is free of parabens and ethylic alcohol and comes in a refreshing green tree fragrance.

Andrew Fullerton BVSc (Hons) MRCVS, DOUXO product manager at Ceva Animal Health, comments: “Following requests from dermatologists to launch this product in the UK, we are very excited to add DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion to the UK DOUXO range.  It will provide a gentle yet effective and soothing option for dogs and cats needing regular ear cleaning and all under the DOUXO brand we know and love.”

DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion can be used alongside Ceva’s DOUXO S3 range with formulations to suit every skin type.  To support the launch of DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion, the company is running a buy one, get one free offer (used once and up to a maximum of five units ie pay for five and receive five free of charge).  For information on the offer, which runs until 31 October, contact, use the offer QR code or call 01494 781510 to request an order form or to process an order.

For further information on DOUXO Care Auricular Lotion contact, call 01494 781510 or visit

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