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Dechra Releases New Companion Animal Practice Essential Cosacthen®

7 months ago

24th March, 2021 16h17


Dechra Veterinary Products has launched Cosacthen®, the first veterinary licensed tetracosactide injectable to test adrenal function in dogs.

Cosacthen® contains 0.25 mg/ml of tetracosactide which had only previously been available as human-registered or compounded veterinary ‘special’ preparations meaning availability and cost could be unpredictable.

Tetracosactide is used in the ACTH stimulation test to assess the adrenocortical function of patients with endocrine diseases, such as Cushing’s and Addison’s.

Dechra Brand Manager Claire Morgan said: “As experts in endocrinology, we recognise that the testing involved in adrenal conditions can be a costly process for pet owners, which can mean that some cases don’t progress to treatment or have their treatment optimised.

“The launch of Cosacthen gives veterinary surgeons the reassurance associated with a veterinary licensed medicine. As these cases can appear on an irregular basis, Cosacthen is ideal to keep in the practice ready for when a case is presented making it a cost-effective solution that can help offset the cost for owners of long-term treatment of adrenal conditions.”  

Cosacthen is available in 1 ml single-use vials. For more information visit

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