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BVA President Malcolm Morley outside the BVA offices

BVA President Malcolm Morley outside the BVA offices

‘Deliver Manifesto Commitment To Animal Welfare’: British Veterinary Association Urges Prime Minister To Progress Crucial Kept Animals Bill

1 year ago

23rd March, 2023 13h57


The British Veterinary Association (BVA) is calling on the Government to deliver its manifesto promise to animal health and welfare by ensuring the continuation of the crucial and long-awaited Animal Welfare (Kept Animals) Bill through Parliament.

In his letter to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, BVA President Malcolm Morley reminded him of the vital importance of the Bill, urged him not to let this important piece of legislation ‘slip through the net’ especially as it only requires a few more hours to complete its initial journey through the House of Commons.

Dr. Morley also urged the Prime Minister to ensure the Bill continues in its current form, following concerning reports that it is to be split up. Dr. Morley highlighted that the Bill’s strength in terms of improving animal health and welfare comes from the package of measures it includes; those designed to: tackle puppy smuggling and livestock worrying; prohibit the import of dogs or cats with mutilations, including dogs with cropped ears; review zoo standards and implement a robust and effective licensing system for all privately kept primates.

He said: “The Bill has significant public support and presents a golden opportunity to make a positive difference to the lives of millions of animals. We urge you to prioritise this vital piece of legislation and set a date for its remaining stages.”

BVA is also encouraging BVA members and other veterinary professionals to write to their MPs impressing the urgency and need to continue to push the Bill through Parliament. A template letter to MPs is now available to download for veterinary professionals to complete and send to their MPs.

Read the full letter to the Prime Minster here.

The template letter for MPs can be downloaded here.

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