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Life-changing surgery at Linnaeus-owned Veterinary Vision in Preston has cured Enzo’s dry eye.

Life-changing surgery at Linnaeus-owned Veterinary Vision in Preston has cured Enzo’s dry eye.

Dog's Licking His Lips As Dry Eye Cured In Life-Changing Operation

1 year ago

18th April, 2023 08h40

Linnaeus Group

A dog that had no tears, causing him great physical pain and recurring sight problems, is now looking to a brighter future thanks to an animal eye hospital. 

Nine-year-old Enzo, a crossbreed, underwent the complex operation, at Linnaeus-owned Veterinary Vision in Preston. 

The intricate operation, led by veterinary ophthalmologist Stephanie Veitch, involved relocating a salivary gland opening from inside the mouth to underneath his lower eyelid in both eyes. 

Enzo’s grateful owner Laura Hawarden said: “I was shocked when Enzo was diagnosed with dry eye as it’s not something I had heard of before. 

“He was initially given various eye drops but when they didn’t work, it was suggested that an operation was needed. 

“I hadn’t realised quite how much pain he must have been in until his bright, bubbly, crazy personality came back in full force just a week after the operation. 

“Enzo’s life has changed so much since his operation as he can see clearly. He has always been very expressive with his eyes and is able to communicate again now that he is able to open them fully. 

“It’s been very emotional seeing him come back to life, it’s like having a puppy again.” 

Dry eye is medically known as bilateral keratoconjunctivitis sicca (KCS). Without adequate tears the surface of the eye and pink lining of the eyelids can become inflamed, making the affected eye very uncomfortable. 

In Enzo’s case his owner noticed he was sleeping more and was less active than normal. She thought this was probably due to him getting older but when dry eye was diagnosed, he was referred to Veterinary Vision. 

Stephanie said: “The surgery went very smoothly. Enzo’s saliva now lubricates his eye, and he is so much more comfortable. If his eyes are looking dry, his owner simply gives him a treat to make them water again.

“It’s great to hear he’s full of life again. He always had a wagging tail but it’s wagging even more now!” 

Veterinary Vision is equipped for all types of ocular surgery with 11 veterinary ophthalmologists offering a vast range of experience and knowledge in small animal, and equine eye conditions. 

For more information visit or search for Veterinary Vision on social media.

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