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Early Neutering Campaign For Rabbits

14 years ago

15th March, 2010 00h00

Be early - don't be sorry Although pet rabbits are now very popular, advances in rabbit veterinary medicine often do not reach all veterinary surgeons, leaving many owners totally confused and frustrated with the conflicting advice given to them by their local practices. The subject of our campaign is to resolve the controversy surrounding the age from which rabbits can be neutered. Currently, the direct result of incorrect information being given out to owners often results in unwanted litters, severe fighting, fatalities and major bonding issues. This sorry situation could easily be rectified by ensuring that all vets and owners alike are made aware that rabbits can be neutered early to prevent such problems occurring. Whilst the important message is starting to get across that pet rabbits should be kept in social groups such as compatible non-breeding pairs, this advice is useless if owners then find they cannot get their pets neutered in time. By running this item for us you will be helping our campaign to get off the ground and will be an important part in helping to keep bunnies and their owners happy and healthy! This campaign is supported by:Should you need any further information, you can contact me either by email [email protected] or telephone number 01373 864222 (24 hour answerphone) and I will be delighted to help. Further information about CottonTails® is available on our user-friendly website:

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