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Hills Launch New Range

14 years ago

6th April, 2010 00h00

It’s new, it’s exclusive and it’s what vets want. Science Plan™ VetEssentials™ is an exciting product range from Hill’s™ Pet Nutrition that has been tailored specifically to meet the needs of veterinary practices, based on the opinions of 600 vets and 1100 pet owners1. New Hills Range - Science Plan Vet Essentials Nutritional quality, as ever, is the watchword and the range is tailored across the top five essential health needs of pets in each lifestage. The range boasts clinically proven benefits including Hill’s™ mono-directional natural fibre technology in the Young and Mature Adult lifestages, where the unique parallel alignment of fibres allows the teeth to be wiped clean before the kibble shatters. Together with a larger size kibble across the range, VetEssentials™ ensures that teeth are kept cleaner: in one clinical trial of the kibble technology used in VetEssentialsTM, dogs accumulated 25% less bacteria laden plaque over a 7 day period than dogs eating a typical dry food2. The higher levels of vegetable fibres also support healthy digestive motility and promote satiety and the larger kibble size is 91 per cent preferred by dogs over standard sized kibbles3. The range is designed to be concise, making it easy to stock and avoiding those low turnover products that can take up valuable shelf space. Each pack size has been optimised to give affordability, great value and ease of handling. Support is also designed to fit veterinary needs: there are single meal trial packs because the proof is always in the eating and adaptable slim line product racking to fit even the smallest spaces. Pet owners will only be able to buy VetEssentials™ from their veterinary practice. Veterinary recommendation is the overwhelming influencing factor when a pet owner chooses a wellness food for their pet4. Those who buy high quality super-premium pet foods are also more likely to stay loyal to the brand their veterinarian recommends. Sometimes that investment in time to make a recommendation is lost when the pet owner drifts into other channels to make their subsequent purchases. With 97% of pet owners rating the new range as ‘good’ or ‘excellent’5, veterinarians can feel confident that a return visit will be on the cards. Hill’s™ will give you the tools to communicate the benefits and promote trial including a kibble technology plaque removal demonstration kit. A ‘try me free’ mechanic is also available that refunds the cost of a 1.5 or 2kg bag purchased at full price on receipt of proof of purchase No practice should be without VetEssentials™. For further information about VetEssentials™ contact your Hill’s™ Territory Manager or call 0800 282438. References
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