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Hill's Recruit New Media Darlings

13 years ago

17th March, 2011 13h32

Hill’s Pet Nutrition announced the launch of a bold new campaign that aims to put the heart back into the science of pet nutrition and pet care. In what many will see as a revolutionary step, the company will be leaping straight into the laps of pet owners with a funny and imaginative new media campaign developed around two outspoken new characters; Professor G. Rowl and Professor P. Urr. Photo of Professor G. Rowl and Professor P. Urr The dynamic duo will feature on their own Facebook page, where they aim to reveal the secret lives of dogs and cats, while giving pet owners a helping paw with the big questions, such as ‘Why is my cat such a fussy eater but my dog will eat anything, including poo?’ Like the most popular on-screen partnerships – Bogart and Bacall, Tracy and Hepburn, Tom and Jerry – the pair have obvious chemistry, but there is a definite underlying tension that will make for compulsive watching and following. In true chat show style, the hosts will be tackling some really emotive issues – ‘Are those extra sips of milk really going to turn your pet into a furry Elvis? and ‘How do you rediscover a dog’s inner puppy as old age catches up?’ Expect some candid and confessional moments as the Pet Professors tackle the questions that many clients feel are too trivial to bother their vet or vet nurse with, yet which could have an impact on how they care for their pet. And rest assured that anyone who identifies a pet problem that requires veterinary attention will be directed back to their local practice. Blake Hawley, Managing Director of Hill’s UK & Ireland says, “For many people this will seem like new territory. This social media campaign gives us an opportunity to appeal to pet owners who want to know more about pet care, especially grocery shoppers. Some pet owners may have thought they were buying the best food for their pet, but did not realise super-premium foods offer a visible point of difference for their pets. While fun and off-beat, the ultimate goal is to help pet owners enrich their relationship with their pet. Cat and dog owners will connect with these characters and enjoy seeing them develop as time goes on. We also hope that we will encourage consumers to discover how the right choice of food affects the relationship with pets and their pet’s overall health.” Fans will be able to follow the pair’s exploits on Facebook and Twitter and ask their own burning questions or just share the joy their pets bring to their lives. This approach will empower pet owners, vets and specialist retailers, enabling them to engage with the Hill’s brand on a more emotional level, while counting on the strong scientific credentials of the company. Watch as pet owners interact with the Professors on Twitter and Facebook ( or watch their videos on YouTube. Just remember to hide the remote control before you leave your own pets alone in the house…

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