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Identi Launches New Practice Pet Protection Pack

2 months ago

23rd April, 2024 17h52


With compulsory cat microchipping taking effect in England from 10th June, identi, the pet protection expert, has launched a Practice Pet Protection Pack to help vet professionals answer queries on microchipping and the pet protection journey.

The comprehensive reference guide consists of a range of support material covering everything staff and clients need to know to help keep pets safe.  The pack features species-specific microchipping law guides, practice registration guide, cat chipping cheat sheet and flyers on registration and identi’s silent microchipping scanner.  It also includes examples of leaflets that can be ordered for vet practices to hand out to clients including flyers on ‘Everything you need to know about microchipping with identi’ for both adult pets and puppies and kittens and a leaflet on compulsory cat microchipping.

Three short videos have been produced to provide additional information for vet professionals covering: What identi does, registration of microchips and compulsory cat microchipping.

Tammie O’Leary, commercial lead at identi, comments: “In 2016 it became a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped in the UK and that the keepers contact details are kept up to date on a DEFRA compliant database. From June 10th, it will be compulsory that owned cats in England are microchipped and registered in the same way1.  With these changes imminent, it is important that staff are up to date with the relevant legislation and the potential consequences of pet keepers not adhering to the law. identi’s new Practice Pet Protection Pack will provide busy vet professionals with comprehensive information answering a wide range of microchipping questions in a quick and simple format.”

The Practice Pet Protection Pack and videos are available to existing and new identichip clients.  For a copy of the Practice Pet Protection Pack please email [email protected] and state whether you would like a hard copy sent to the practice or whether you would like to receive a digital version.

For further information on microchips and the cat chipping legislation email [email protected].



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