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Interpet Launch The Kitten Pack - A New Style Of Presentation Of Top Class Information For Kitten Owners

13 years ago

23rd April, 2009 00h00

The Kitten Pack coverPresented as two paperback books in a sturdy hard backed slipcase, The Kitten Pack just launched by Interpet Publishing offers a new style of presentation of top class information for kitten owners. This pack will join The Puppy Pack by Sara John also recently launched. Author of both books in The Kitten Pack is Claire Arrowsmith a well-qualified and experienced person in the world of cats. Claire is a full member of the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) and runs her own behaviour consultancy. She holds an Honours degree in Zoology and a Masters in Applied Animal Behaviour and Animal Welfare. The Kitten Pack provides a unique presentation of information in a modern up-to-date nicely illustrated format. The Kitten Pack offers a great deal of opportunity for personalisation and owner interaction. Information and forward planning schedules are recorded in the pack to help new owners focus on their new kitten’s needs and welfare. The Kitten Pack promotes responsible kitten ownership in a fun and personal way. The pack design is fresh, mostly white with red and blue colour. The system leaves no stone unturned when it comes to planning and caring for a kitten during its first year. Book One, The Kitten Handbook, is used to record a kitten’s growth and development, also to chart milestones, log vital information and keep note of important health checks. Check lists called ‘points to consider’ asks a list of questions to help owners decide on matters such as neutering or choosing a cattery or pet sitter. Book Two The Owners Handbook is the responsible owner’s guide to the first year including charts, checklists, advice on diet, house training, grooming and maintaining health. Chapters include, ‘choosing a kitten’, ‘equipment’, ‘diet and nutrition’, ‘grooming’, ‘natural cat behaviour’, ‘accidents and first aid’ and ‘holiday arrangements’. Useful Expert Tip inserts are included on many pages helping owners to stay safe and contented with their kitten as it prepares for adulthood. Both books contain 64-pages (225mm x 215mm) and 400 images consisting mainly of descriptive photographs of kittens and the tools required to keep them health and happy. The Kitten Handbook (Book One) contains the most amount of owner interaction. Kitten’s personal details are recorded in the book itself, there are check boxes to tick, places where photos can be inserted and medical records recorded. This book really focuses an owner on the procedures for grooming, socialisation, safety, training, diet and health issues. The Owner’s Handbook (Book Two) covers many of the same subjects as Book One, but in a more traditional ‘guide book’ way. This book contains blocks of copy, charts, bullet points and ‘expert’ and ‘safety’ tips boxes. Information is very easy to understand and is intermingled with uplifting and encouraging images. The kitten Pack retails for £9.99 and will help kitten owners rear a healthy well-adjusted companion. Both The Puppy Pack and The Kitten Pack are available from pet stores and other specialist retailers along with many other titles relating to puppies, kittens and adult dogs and cats. Call 01306 873814 or email for further information.

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