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Keep A Spring In Their Step With SPILLERS®

13 years ago

24th March, 2011 11h37

The good news is that spring is in the air but the bad news is that it comes hand in hand with an increased risk of laminitis. Although overweight horse or ponies tend to be more at risk from this serious and debilitating condition, in fact laminitis can attack any horse or pony at any time. Nutrition plays an important role in the management of laminitis so SPILLERS® have put together some great product offers to help you keep your horse or pony safe this spring. HAPPY HOOF pack shot “While some causes of laminitis are harder to avoid, nutritionally induced laminitis is the easiest to prevent,” says Clare Barfoot RNutr and the research and development manager at SPILLERS®. “Look for low starch, high fibre feeds such as chopped fibre feeds approved by The Laminitis Trust or feed a low calorie balancer that will balance the nutrients in a forage- based diet without providing high levels of energy or starch. It’s also crucial to restrict access to grass and, if you can, to provide regular exercise.” SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF® is a specially blended, low calorie, short-chop forage which can be used as a complete feed as it contains all the vitamins and minerals your horse needs to stay in good health. It is designed to extend eating time and was the first complete chopped fibre feed to be approved by the Laminitis Trust. SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes are low in starch and high in fibre, with high levels of vitamins and minerals, making them a safe choice for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. They can also be soaked to form a mash for veterans that can’t manage long fibres. SPILLERS® are giving you the chance to save £2 on every bag of SPILLERS HAPPY HOOF® or SPILLERS® High Fibre Cubes from add date while stocks last. Look out for the special flash packs in your local store. For friendly feeding advice on how to keep your horse or pony safe from laminitis please telephone the SPILLERS® Care-Line on + 44 (0)1908 226626, email to [email protected] or visit the SPILLERS® website at You can also join Team SPILLERS® on Facebook.

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