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Kent Vets Donate £15k To Help Local Charity In Lockdown

6 months ago

6th November, 2020 09h28


Three Kent vet practices have come together to donate £15,000 to their local animal welfare charity, to help them overcome any COVID-19 and lockdown challenges they may face as the UK enters a second national lockdown. 

The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund in Canterbury received the donation from Vets4Pets Dover, Companion Care Folkestone and Companion Care Ashford, which the practices’ teams raised while working tirelessly throughout initial lockdown.

The Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund acts as a lifeline to animals, providing sanctuary and rehoming services to homeless and abused pets, as well as veterinary checks to low income families throughout the local community.

The three vet practices are co-owned by veterinary surgeons, Cormac Higgins and Carl Regan, who wanted to do something to help out local pet owners following the financial fall outs from the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns.

“Lord Whisky Sanctuary is a brilliant local charity, with a team that always works hard to serve the pet-owning community and animals in need, sharing many of the same values we do as vets, and so we are thrilled to be able to offer them this donation to help support them in continuing with the great work they do,” said Cormac.

“This year has been difficult for us all, and the peak of the lockdown was an exceptionally busy time for us, as we remained open throughout in order to fulfil our duty of care to our clients and be there for those pets in need of essential and urgent treatment.

“During that time, we could see the impact redundancies, job losses and the impending risk of a nationwide recession was having on our community, all of which we knew would then have a knock-on effect on the pets as well.

“We therefore wanted to do something to help with any potential ongoing or future issues and lend a helping hand to our clients, local pet owners and the wider community as a whole.

“So, we pulled together £5,000 from each of our three practices to donate locally, and after speaking with all of our colleagues about which charity should be the recipient of the funds, the answer was unanimous, as everyone wanted to pick Lord Whisky Sanctuary Fund.

“We have had a great relationship with the charity over the years and truly believe in the work they do and know this money will go towards improving the lives of all kinds of animals.

“Lord Whisky was also the perfect choice as the low-income vet checks they offer to local pet owners will be crucial in supporting them at this difficult time.

“The donation was made on behalf of all of our brilliant staff across the three practices, who all put in a lot of work to keep the practices going over the past few months, and we can’t thank them all enough for their hard work and dedication throughout.”

Margaret Todd, founder of Lord Whisky Sanctuary, said: “It was a wonderful surprise to receive this amazing donation and I would just like to thank Cormac Higgins and Carl Regan and all the other vets and nurses from the three vet practices for choosing Lord Whisky.

“We always try to help vet practices who give that little bit extra in finding homes for animals that, for whatever reason, come into their care, but never did we think we would receive a donation like this.

“During these uncertain times this donation is a great boost and will enable us to buy extra equipment to help with our low-income clinics so we can carry on helping animals in need.”

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