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Launch Of Unique New Navel Barrier For Lambs And Calves

5 months ago

11th February, 2024 16h49

NoBACZ Healthcare

NoBACZ Healthcare, the wound protection company spun out from the University of Cambridge, has extended its product range with the launch of NoBACZ Navel, a unique, patented, rapid-setting and long-lasting solution for navel dipping lambs and calves.

Developed in conjunction with Fiona Lovatt BVSc PhD FHEA DSHP DipECSRHM FRCVS, past president of the Sheep Veterinary Society and RCVS-recognised specialist in sheep health and production, NoBACZ Navel is a revolutionary navel dip solution; it rapidly disinfects and dries the navel in as little as two hours1 and seals with a colourful, natural resin that forms a long-lasting waterproof barrier to protect against bacterial ingress from the environment.  It can also be used on the area around ear tags in lambs and calves.

Combining traditional cleansing with ethanol with a unique barrier offering long-lasting protection from environmental pathogens, NoBACZ Navel is antibiotic free and consists of a natural polymer and metal ions.  It can be applied by dipping or spraying and contains a bitter agent to deter ewe or cow interference.

NoBACZ Navel is the second product to be launched by NoBACZ Healthcare and follows hot on the heels of the launch late last year of its revolutionary liquid barrier dressing for cattle, NoBACZ Bovine.

Dr Jonathan Powell, Director of Biomineral Research and Imaging at the University of Cambridge’s Department of Veterinary Medicine and chief executive officer and co-founder of NoBACZ Healthcare, comments: “We are delighted to be working so closely with Fiona Lovatt, one of the UK’s leading sheep vet specialists, to develop NoBACZ Navel and bring it to the market in time for the spring lambing season.  The innovative fast-setting, long-lasting barrier solution will enable farmers to utilise sustainable and cutting-edge technology to help prevent infections caused by bacterial ingress, enhancing the health and welfare of their livestock and preventing economic losses.”

Fiona Lovatt, adds: “Attention to detail is an essential component in the care of neonatal lambs.  To reduce the risks of joint ill, shepherds need to do whatever they can to protect lambs from bacteria infecting either the navel or the ears at the point of tagging.  This product has been carefully designed to both desiccate the area and to form a barrier to protect these vulnerable sites.  I’ve seen it used successfully in a number of flocks now – both in late lambers from last year and early lambers from this.”

For further information on NoBACZ Healthcare and its products which include NoBACZ Navel and NoBACZ Bovine visit

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