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Mans Best Friend Helps Fight Cancer

13 years ago

6th February, 2009 00h00

“Cancer runs rampant in my family,” says Chris Nelson. “Several of my family members are either battling cancer, have beaten it, or have sadly been beaten by it. I decided something had to be done to raise more money for cancer research, but I did not know where to start until I looked into ‘Roxy’s’ big brown eyes. Roxy is my gigantic Great Dane and she is the center of attention everywhere she goes. While looking into Roxy’s eyes, the idea struck me on how to raise money for cancer research with help from man’s best friend.” The idea Roxy gave Chris was simple. People wear bright colored clothing to bring attention to cancer awareness and raise money for cancer research, such as Deanna Favre raising money for Breast Cancer research by selling pink Breast Cancer Awareness caps, shirts, and jerseys. Chris and Roxy would do something similar but it would be man’s best friend that would proudly wear a bright colored clothing accessory. With Roxy’s blessing of a few licks to Chris’s face, Chris started “Collars for Cures” The item being sold is bright green collars for dogs and cats with proceeds from each collar sale going to the AACR for cancer research. Chris states, “‘Collars for Cures’ has really taken off locally. Every time somebody saw Roxy wearing her bright green collar, they would ask about it and I would say that my dog is wearing the collar to help raise money for cancer research. People loved the idea so much that they purchased ‘Collars for Cures’ collars for their dogs. Every day more and more dogs were wearing the collars and I was thrilled to be raising money for cancer research.” Chris is now asking every dog and cat lover who wants to help raise money for cancer research to please buy a “Collars for Cures” dog or cat collar at Proceeds from the sale price of every collar are donated to the AACR for cancer research. For more information on Collars for Cures and to interview Chris Nelson, please call Chris at 626-437-1081 or email at You may also interview Roxy but be aware that she drools, loves to give big sloppy kisses, and may try to eat your microphone.

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