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New Oralade Liquid Concentrate available Jan 2022

New Oralade Liquid Concentrate available Jan 2022


6 months ago

26th November, 2021 16h29

Macahl Animal Health

London Vet Show saw the launch of Oralade Liquid Concentrate by Macahl Animal Health, providing an easier way to stock and dispense the UK’s number one oral rehydration product. Practices can take advantage of the launch offer to buy 4 boxes and get one free by ordering direct at before the 31st of January 2022

The liquid concentrate sachets can simply be added to water to offer the same excellent palatability and scientifically formulated features of the bottled Oralade oral rehydration solution. The reduction in packaging not only provides practical benefits but is one example of Macahl Animal Health’s commitment to sustainability, alongside changes across the business to more environmentally friendly options and practices.

This expansion of the Advanced Rehydration Support range comes with a call to all vets and vet nurses to rethink hydration in cats and dogs. Oral rehydration therapy can be an excellent alternative to intravenous fluid therapy in many cases that require hydration support, and Oralade’s scientific formulation makes it as easy as 1,2,3…

  1. Pre-hydration: maintaining health and vitality

Isotonic solution helps support optimal absorption of fluids and electrolytes, to proactively manage hydration when increased fluid loss or decreased fluid intake is anticipated.

  1. Rehydration: supporting fluid and electrolyte balance

Fast-acting oral rehydration solution (ORS) formulated to activate and support glucose-stimulated sodium (and water) absorption from the intestinal lumen and so maintain normal hydration, even during periods of gastrointestinal disturbance.

  1. Microenteral GI Support: helping maintain intestinal function and integrity

A unique combination of simple sugars, functional amino acids, and easily digestible prebiotic fibres work synergistically to provide direct enterocyte nourishment and support gut microflora in anorexic patients.

Macahl Animal Health has technical advisors available to discuss the appropriate use of oral rehydration therapy to not only improve patient care but also streamline the delivery of hydration support in practice. Contact them at +44 (0) 2887 789245