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PetFirst Healthcare Launches New Insurance Programs

16 years ago

4th October, 2006 00h00

PetFirst_logo.gifNew plans designed to provide straightforward pet insurance protection. Jeffersonville, Ind. USA (October 4, 2006) – To maximize customer satisfaction, PetFirst Healthcare has revamped their existing pet insurance programs and is introducing new, easier to understand pet protection options. The new programs, called Basic, Preferred and Preferred Plus, allow the pet owner to submit claims without the restriction of a per diagnosis limit for accident and illness care or the need to refer to a schedule of benefits. All three PetFirst Healthcare plans reimburse policyholders for 90% of their veterinary expenses after application of the $50 deductible. Pet owners can also add an optional Routine Care rider to their PetFirst plan that helps pet owners cover the cost of routine visits to the veterinarian. This rider coupled with the core accident and illness protection provides complete, comprehensive pet protection which starts at less than $1 per day. “Simplifying our pet insurance offering enables us to achieve a greater level of customer satisfaction,” said Steve Herman, President, PetFirst Healthcare. “Our commitment to our policyholders and their pets is our top priority.” For multiple-pet households, PetFirst has created a new Family Plan. The Family Plan allows owners to insure multiple pets under one policy for a fraction of the cost. “The Family Plan makes insuring pets more affordable,” said Brent Hinton, CEO and Co-Founder, PetFirst Healthcare. “Now multi-pet owners can insure up to three dogs or cats for roughly one and a half times the cost of a single pet plan.” About PetFirst Healthcare PetFirst Healthcare, an innovative leader in pet insurance, offers easy to understand lifelong coverage for dogs and cats. PetFirst’s comprehensive coverage is unique in the industry providing simplified coverage with no per diagnosis limits and premiums unaffected by age, breed or location. The Family Plan from PetFirst allows owners to insure multiple pets under one policy for a fraction of the cost. PetFirst provides reliable customer service and prompt claims reimbursement to complement their healthcare offering. PetFirst Healthcare currently offers pet insurance in 41 states. PetFirst will finalize authorization in the remaining states in the coming months. For more information about PetFirst Healthcare pet insurance, visit or call 1-866-937-PETS (7387)

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