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Put An End To Bad Taste! Norbrook Launch Pork Liver Flavoured Tablets

13 years ago

4th April, 2011 10h48

A new palatable version of Carprieve Flavoured Tablets has been launched by Norbrook Laboratories to help make dosing dogs a stress-free experience for dog and owner. Offering Cox-2 preferential pain release, Carprieve Flavoured Tablets are indicated for chronic inflammation, such as degenerative joint disease in dogs, as well as post-operative pain management. The new tablets are Pork liver flavoured and highly palatable. Tests have shown 75 per cent of dogs will take them voluntarily. Sascha van Helvoort MRCVS, international veterinary adviser for Norbrook Laboratories, says: “Palatability is an important consideration for owners, especially for dogs with chronic inflammation, who often need regular tablets. “Success is often hit-and-miss, with dogs leaving tablets given in food or spitting them out.” “This led to us testing Pork liver tasting carprofen tablets on dogs who needed treatment, and the vast majority ate them from a bowl. This means vets can prescribe them with all confidence that the dogs will get their medicine.” “Owners who have to give their dogs tablets for pain control when the dogs have degenerative joint disease or chronic inflammation will no longer have to worry,” says Ms van Helvoort. “It will mean less stress for both dog and owner when they give them Carprieve Flavoured Tablets.” Studies undertaken by Norbrook covered a wide range of breeds, and included dogs from one year old to 14. In addition, the majority preferred the Pork liver flavour to top brand ‘palatable’ tablets, she adds. “Getting the dosage right is also easy,” continues Ms van Helvoort. “That’s why we decided to introduce our Carprieve Flavoured Tablets in blister packs rather than in tubs to aid dosage administration.” “These Carprieve Flavoured Tablets complete the range of our carprofen products.”

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