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Research Leads To New D.A.P.® Marketing Material

14 years ago

7th April, 2010 00h00

Following the publication of illuminating new data, CEVA Animal Health has updated its practice support materials to include one all encompassing D.A.P.® client leaflet, a website and a new vet detailer. The new materials, which also include a D.A.P.® and Feliway® reference guide containing details of 31 published trials into the practical applications of pheromones, focus on using D.A.P.® to prevent stress at key stages of a dog’s life. Particular attention is paid to the benefits of fitting a D.A.P.® Collar during early puppy consults in order to help prepare dogs for the modern world and helping to prevent anxiety-related problems such as separation anxiety and noise phobia, developing in later life. In addition, the vet brochure will draw practitioners’ attention to the times in a dog’s life when owners are particularly concerned about their dog becoming stressed including events like trips to boarding kennels. “Over the last three years eight different trials have been published looking at the use of pheromones to reduce canine stress,” says Lucy Brett, product manager at CEVA Animal Health. “The latest data backs up what we have believed for some time - that the management of stress during socialisation is vital if dogs are to grow into emotionally balanced and confident adult dogs. We now have a much better idea of the impact of allowing puppies to get stressed or overwhelmed during socialisation and the difference providing pheromone support in the form of a D.A.P.® Collar can make.” For further details, or for information on CEVA’s range of educational resources for veterinary professionals interested in feline and canine behaviour, please contact your CEVA Animal Health representative or call 01494 781510.

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