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Spring Into Action With Worm Patrol

13 years ago

17th March, 2011 11h45

Novartis Animal Health is launching a nationwide campaign to promote the importance of pet worming at least four times a year. In the UK, pet owners only treat their animals an average of 2.6 times per year, when the European Scientific Counsel for Companion Animal Parasites (ESCCAP) normally recommend a minimum of four treatments annually (more depending on lifestyle and stage of life) 1,2. Novartis Animal Health is launching a nationwide Four Seasons Worming Campaign, under its Worm Patrol umbrella, which provides vets with practical support on how to encourage owners to worm their pets more frequently, starting with Spring. With an average of 2.6 treatments per year, there is a gap between professional worming recommendations and pet owner behaviour. “Regular worming is a simple yet effective tool against infection,” says Maggie Fisher of ESCCAP UK. “Different studies suggest annual or twice yearly worming treatments do not have a significant impact on the level of infections found in pets, so normally a treatment frequency of at least four times per year is seen as the minimum recommendation to help to protect the health of the pet, pet owners and their family.” The UK is not the only country to fall below the recommended guidelines. Maggie Fisher continues: “European countries are showing the same trend regarding worming frequency. Research has shown that 56% of pet owners from European countries had not wormed their pets within a 12 month period, and an average of only 14% of dog owners and 9% of cat owners worm at least four times a year4. One step that will help to limit the level of infections in the UK is for pet owners to treat pets at least four times per year, or to use other methods to monitor their pets for worm infections. It is important to note that, although responsible pet owners may treat their pets regularly, this does not remove all risk, and so pet owners should also use other precautions such as washing their hands after touching their pets.” Brock Abreu, Parasiticides Brand Manager at Novartis Animal Health adds: “The 2011 Worm Patrol campaign aims to help raise the national worming frequency average by increasing the awareness for regular worming. While encouraging pet owners to speak to their veterinarian for an appropriate pet worming treatment plan. At a minimum, we hope the 2011 Worm Patrol campaign will see more pet owners worming their pet on a regular basis, in line with ESCCAP recommendations – worming pets at least four times a year, or more depending on a pet’s lifestyle and stage of life. It’s easy to remember – just follow the four seasons and worm at least once in the Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.” Novartis has developed seasonal information packs to assist practices to promote regular worming throughout 2011, these include waiting room and client materials, practice PR support materials, and a pet owner website For further details about the Spring Worming Pack or the Worm Patrol Campaign, please contact your Novartis Animal Health Territory Manager.

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