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Supreme Unveils Tasty Additions To Tiny Friends Farm Treats Range

10 months ago

11th September, 2023 11h27

Supreme Petfoods

Supreme Petfoods, manufacturers of foods for small pets and experts in pet nutrition, has announced the addition of two new products to its Tiny Friends Farm treat range. Russel Rabbit Loopies and Russel Rabbit Twiggies join the existing line-up of wholesome treats, diets and bedding that provide great value with no compromise on quality. With a reputation built on trust among consumers, these new products are anticipated to become a hit with pets and owners alike, building on the ongoing success of the award-winning Tiny Friends Farm range.

Both new treats are carefully formulated with tasty, natural ingredients in a crunchy baked bite. Russel Rabbit Loopies feature a delicious combination of carrot and mint, while Russel Rabbit Twiggies combine tasty apple and blackberry. These treats are not only suitable for rabbits but also for other small pets, including guinea pigs and hamsters. Whether hand fed to encourage bonding or hidden around the enclosure to support natural foraging behaviour, Russel Rabbit Loopies and Russel Rabbit Twiggies are designed to help provide enrichment and enhance small pet wellbeing.

The continued expansion of the Tiny Friends Farm range is in response to the current demand from customers for products with attractive price points. Claire Hamblion, Supreme’s Marketing Manager, says, “In a time when the cost of living is rising, household budgets have become tighter. Pet owners seek products that offer excellent value for money without compromising on quality. Pets are much-loved members of the family, and owners want the reassurance that they can still offer their small pets the very best, while remaining mindful of their spending. The Tiny Friends Farm range, including the new Russel Rabbit Loopies and Russel Rabbit Twiggies, resonates with these values and we are delighted to see it going from strength to strength.”

To enhance brand awareness around the Tiny Friends Farm range, Supreme launched its Great Value consumer advertising campaign in 2023. Following the success of last year’s Science Selective food For Life campaign, which reached a global audience across the European, US and Australasian markets, the new campaign strategically addresses consumer demand for value in their purchasing decisions. Featuring a movie advertisement and the engaging Tiny Friends Farm characters, the Great Value campaign is targeted across Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

With the brand’s dedication to meeting the diverse needs of small pet parents, the Tiny Friends Farm range experienced strong year-on-year growth in 2022. Claire adds, “We are committed to providing

pet owners with an extended range of options, and this is highlighted by the addition of the new treats. Today’s customers actively engage in choosing pet products and appreciate a wider variety, so retailers will benefit from stocking our expanded range.” With a core focus on offering great value, great nutrition and an ever-expanding product range, Tiny Friends Farm is poised to continue its remarkable growth in the small pet market.

To find out more about Supreme’s products, including the Tiny Friends Farm range email [email protected] or visit

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