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Survey Seeks To Uncover Veterinary Opinions On Artificial Intelligence

6 months ago

18th April, 2023 09h02


A survey to explore opinions on artificial intelligence (AI) in veterinary medicine has been launched by VetCT. The brief survey seeks to capture the current level of understanding and feelings around the development and deployment of AI tools across the veterinary industry. The aims are to facilitate discussion and identify areas where additional support is needed.

Following a recent call for companies developing and deploying AI to impose the highest standards of self-regulation, VetCT, a global teleradiology, teleconsulting and education provider, wants to explore knowledge gaps about AI and identify areas where training and support could help veterinary practitioners. The results will be openly published and are designed to help inform the safe and effective creation and adoption of AI tools.

Vets, nurses and students are invited to complete the 10 minute survey via this link

Julien Labruyère, Chief Innovation Officer at VetCT, says, “AI is here to stay and will increasingly become part of all aspects of veterinary medicine. Indeed, it’s vital to help us solve some of the workforce pressures the profession is facing globally. We will increasingly be using the outputs of AI tools to inform our clinical decisions, and yet the mechanisms and algorithms can be something of a black box of mystery.

“We want to understand the needs of clinicians in understanding how to apply AI safely, effectively and with confidence to support good clinical practice and ultimately, improve animal welfare. The results will be published and freely accessible. Our hope is to encourage a collaborative effort to support veterinary teams with embracing the full potential of AI, yet also providing the safeguards and education to the clinicians applying this technology to their patients.”

The VetCT AI position statement can be accessed via the VetCT website.

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