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9 months ago

3rd November, 2021 10h41

Author, the nutritionally-tailored pet food service, are aiming to use their unique data and insights to improve the lives of dogs and their owners with the launch of Data Labs

Since 2014, has gathered information on the health, wellbeing and life expectancy of hundreds of thousands of dogs. Data Labs is designed to make good use of this insight, and to help work with vets and industry professionals to enhance the research on dog health and nutrition and enhance the lives of our canine companions.

Sean McCormack, Head Vet at, says: “As a Vet in practice, you gain an understanding of general animal issues and trends. But what this data can do is look over hundreds of thousands of dogs, unpick all of the nutritional, breed and age-related data we’ve collected over time, and then provide an insight-rich window into the best possible way to care for our dogs.

“We’re really just scratching the surface in terms of what we have at our disposal. There’s real potential for Data Labs to fundamentally change the way that we view dog nutrition and dog health going forwards.”

The database has already provided useful insights, including:

Lorna Brightmore, Lead Data Scientist at, says: “We are renowned for being a nation of dog lovers and the data we have has huge potential to unlock insights which have a direct impact on the wellbeing of our pets.

“Even at this early stage, we are finding strong associations between a number of health factors and longevity and our conclusions will only become stronger over time.”

The first major milestone of Data Labs will be the publication of’s first peer-reviewed scientific paper. The paper will detail the effects of body weight, body condition, gender and neutering on the longevity and health of dogs, with further scientific papers planned for publication in the coming months and years.

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