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Saturday, 19th September 2020 | 4,875 veterinary jobs online | 285 people actively seeking work | 5,046 practices registered

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Take Your SQP Exams Online?….Yes, Now You Can!!!

3 weeks ago

1st September, 2020 13h14


If you are working in the veterinary world and going to be taking an active part in helping your business to bounce-back from Covid-19, then you might be wondering how you are going to empower your staff with that extra qualification they need, or even considering taking it yourself. If it is veterinary medicines you want to sell and a SQP qualification you need then that is something you can do right now, despite Covid-19.

According to one of the directors of Vetpol, Caroline Johnson: “We were working on online exams even before anybody had heard of Covid-19. We knew that student SQPs needed to be able to both study online and take exams online as accessing exam centres was often difficult for them.”

“Those of us who had the time will have been eating-out-to-help-out over August…we’ve also just seen a rebound in the housing market. The animals are still there, the nation still cares about them and needs to look after them. Customers still need to be able to talk to people who are knowledgeable about veterinary products and able to provide them with the service they need”.

Vetpol has its first students studying, a facility to enable SQPs to log and track their CPD online, and students can now book online exams when they need to.

So, if you’re still not as busy as you’d like to be and want to get ready for the bounce-back, or perhaps thinking about the next step in your own career, maybe now is the time to consider SQP training?

If you are ready for that next step, log onto and find out what Vetpol has to offer.