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DNA Testing Services. Credit The Kennel Club and James Robinson

DNA Testing Services. Credit The Kennel Club and James Robinson

The Kennel Club Expands DNA Testing Services

5 months ago

1st February, 2024 22h21

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club has today (1 February) expanded its DNA Testing Services by launching 87 individual DNA tests, providing more dog owners and breeders with the tools they need to protect their dogs’ health.

Developed with the primary goal of improving and protecting dog health, The Kennel Club's individual DNA test menu offers owners and breeders the flexibility to choose specific tests tailored to their dog’s unique needs. While The Kennel Club continues to offer comprehensive breed-specific packages for those seeking an easy way to obtain all the essential DNA tests for their dog’s breed, the introduction of over 80 individual DNA tests aims to make genetic testing more accessible and straightforward.

The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services, which promote responsible dog breeding practices, provide owners with cost-effective access to the most impactful genetic health tests, with results that are easy to interpret and accompanied by breeding and care advice. The service has been uniquely developed by The Kennel Club, the UK’s largest dog health organisation, in partnership with Weatherbys Scientific, to advance understanding of dog genetics and disease, with those who use the service contributing to canine genetic research – both through data collection and with all funds reinvested into ongoing research and health initiatives.

“The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services simplify the often confusing DNA testing process for breeders and aims to provide a premium service, with all-inclusive pricing and no added extras,” comments Bill Lambert, Health, Welfare and Breeding Services Executive at The Kennel Club. “Regular email updates and electronic results, complemented by a hard copy certificate, ensures a seamless process.

“The service extends beyond testing, with results automatically uploaded to dogs’ records, saving breeders time and effort. We also provide breeding advice as an integral part of the offering, and The Kennel Club’s specialist health team are on hand to provide tailored advice over the phone or via email.

“Importantly – and uniquely – those using The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services are directly supporting canine genetic research. Through data collection and reinvestment of all funds, owners using these services are actively contributing to a collective effort to reduce the prevalence of genetic diseases in dogs.”

The Kennel Club DNA Testing Services collects a dog’s DNA sample via a simple cheek swab. From the swab, the service checks the DNA for markers associated with inherited breed-relevant disorders and provides advice to help reduce the risk of producing puppies affected by these conditions, so they can ultimately be eradicated through responsible breeding.

Test results are automatically registered on a dog’s record and available on The Kennel Club website, allowing breeders to find health-tested mates, and puppy buyers to check if the dog they are thinking of buying has come from health-tested parents. 

For owners, understanding a dog’s genetics and knowing which testable hereditary conditions they may be affected by allows preparation for the future. Some dogs affected by hereditary conditions can go undiagnosed during the early stages of disease, due to clinical symptoms being missed or mistaken for ageing, and missing the early signs of disease can leave a dog in unnecessary pain or discomfort. Early intervention can frequently improve quality of life.

To access the services, including the 87 individual DNA test menu, and for more information, visit

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