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The Kennel Club Invites Collaboration From Educational Establishments

5 months ago

11th May, 2022 12h55

The Kennel Club

The Kennel Club’s Activities Health and Welfare Sub-Group (AHWSG) is inviting educational establishments with an interest in canine science the opportunity to collaborate with the sub-group in order to enhance our collective knowledge and understanding of canine health and wellbeing.

The AHWSG, which reports to the Dog Health Group and The Kennel Club Board, is committed to applying an evidence-based and consistent approach to ensuring the implementation of best practice for canine health and welfare in The Kennel Club’s licensed activities and disciplines.

As part of this, the sub-group is inviting any educational establishment with researchers and students undertaking investigations or research relating to canine activities (including, but not limited to agility, obedience, field trials, working trials and heelwork to music) to contact and collaborate with the sub-group.

With the last 18 months having had a significant impact on canine activities, delivery of education and research activity, both The Kennel Club and the AHWSG are striving to support education and research, through identifying and considering areas within canine activities that require investigation.

The diverse membership of the sub-group represents an ideal opportunity for researchers of all levels to benefit from applied and subject expertise, in addition to supporting the sub-group in its aims. The AHWSG encourages interested parties to suggest specific areas of interest that could be considered from a canine activity health perspective. Alternatively, the AHWSG has identified specific areas of potential research interest with the aim to support the development and undertaking of projects to investigate such areas.

Dr Jacqueline Boyd, Chair of the AHWSG, said: “The AHWSG would be delighted to support students and researchers in any investigative work that is likely to support enhanced canine health and welfare in relation to canine activities and disciplines. We look forward to hearing from course managers, module leaders, dissertation supervisors and even interested and enthusiastic students who would like to ‘make a difference for dogs’”.

For enquiries regarding potential student projects and research collaboration, please contact

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