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Tips On How To Be A Financially Smart Pet Owner By Harrison Forbes

13 years ago

27th April, 2009 00h00

Harrison Forbes, Nationally Renowned Pet Expert and Animal Behaviorist, Shares Tips on How to be a Financially Smart Pet Owner With unemployment on the rise and the economy becoming more unstable every day, people are more stressed than ever. In these tough economic times, turning to a furry friend for unconditional love and support can be the best kind of therapy. In fact, a study from the University of New York, Buffalo found that pets can help reduce stress and lower blood pressure. But when you’re trying to trim everyday costs, how does an existing or new pet fit into the household budget? Pet expenses like food and veterinary costs – not to mention luxuries like doggie sweaters, booties, and gourmet treats – can really add up. How can you balance the benefits of pet ownership with being financially responsible? Nationally renowned pet expert and animal behaviorist Harrison Forbes can offer your readers/viewers the following tips on how to be a financially smart pet owner.To view a video on this go to:

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