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TR BioSurgical, LLC Develops Breakthrough Osteoarthritis Implant

13 years ago

22nd June, 2009 00h00

TR BioSurgical, LLC, announced highly encouraging results using their new medical device (bioscaffold) in canine patients with advanced osteoarthritis. The new bioscaffold is implanted in or near diseased tissue and provides a structural matrix for local repair cells, such as stem cells or fibroblasts, to attach and heal tissue by local, physiological repair mechanisms. The new bioscaffold implant contains no drugs, cells or growth factors and is eventually resorbed by the infiltrating cells. The implant is made from a proprietary, copolymerized collagen and is sterile, cost effective, and non- immunogenic. Dr. Charles Pullen, lead investigator at the Animal Medical and Surgical Center, Scottsdale, Arizona, stated, “We have been evaluating canine patients with moderate to severe degenerative joint disease and pain. Without exception the owners reported a marked improvement within seven days of implantation and continued improvement thereafter in all dogs implanted with the bioscaffold, even with the discontinuation of all arthritis drugs and supplements. Dogs which required heavy medication to walk very short distances are walking, jumping, and running long distances just as they did before the onset of osteoarthritis with just one implant procedure with the bioscaffold”. Dr. Jeff Kellerman, VP of R&D at TR BioSurgical, further added, “Few would debate that veterinary medicine is long overdue for safer, more effective options for managing osteoarthritis. Many of the drugs used in veterinary medicine can have harmful side effects and achieve suboptimal clinical benefits. Our team has developed a novel, cost effective and safe bioscaffold that has achieved optimal clinical outcomes in dogs that are poorly responsive to medical management.” About Canine Osteoarthritis Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of disability in dogs and is estimated to affect twenty five percent of the dog population, making it one of the single largest markets in veterinary medicine. Osteoarthritis is a complex disorder involving cartilage, subchondral bone, and synovium leading to various degrees of inflammation and physical disability. Canine arthritis can mimic the progressive inflammatory and structural changes observed in human osteoarthritis, making it an excellent comparative model for human orthopedics and degenerative joint disease. About TR BioSurgical, LLC TR BioSurgical is a privately held veterinary company developing a range of biomaterials and devices for tissue repair and regenerative medicine. TR BioSurgical has specific interests in ophthalmology, dermatology, and orthopedics including cartilage repair. TR BioSurgical has one osteopromotive scaffold to market, TR Matrix™, for use in companion animals for bone repair. The company has a strong pipeline of advanced medical device technologies under development. Please visit for more information.

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