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University Installs Cow Toilet

7 months ago

7th October, 2020 16h19


WAGENINGEN University has installed a Hanskamp CowToilet on their Dairy Campus at Leeuwarden in the Netherlands.

Globally ranked as one of the top agricultural teaching and research universities Wageningen is located in the so called Dutch Food Valley.

The CowToilet was developed by Hanskamp for their out of parlour feeding stations to boost dairy sector green credentials and will be evaluated by researchers during continuous use at the University dairy campus.

Hanskamp are famed for their innovative in and out of parlour feeders including walk through feeding stations designed to protect younger cows from bullying. Their CowToilet is an automatic urinal that cows use voluntarily as they come to feeding stations with urine collected before it hits the floor..

By ensuring urine stays separated from the manure there is considerably less ammonia emission. This is good for both the environment and animal welfare with a healthier atmosphere in cattle sheds. The CowToilet also offers economic advantages by saving on manure storage costs and separated urine can become a natural precision fertiliser or eventually a source of clean power through Hydrogen.

For further details of innovations from Hanskamp contact Lars van Gaalen tel; 0031 628 747 421 or browse