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Veterinary Pharmaceutical Company New To The UK

14 years ago

22nd March, 2010 00h00

As the veterinary pharmaceutical industry becomes increasingly dominated by large merged multinational companies, new entrants have become increasingly rare. Not only is the latest arrival on the UK veterinary scene unusual in that it makes its entrance with a significant portfolio of products but also Eurovet Animal Health Ltd has AUV as its parent company, which is owned and run by vets. This gives the company a unique perspective on the products that vets really need and want. Dutch company AUV is a veterinary success story established as a cooperative in 1969 by 100 vets and now jointly owned by over 2000 vets. Eurovet Animal Health BV is the company’s pharmaceutical business unit and owns state of the art manufacturing facilities where it makes a range of enhanced medicines. The company’s new UK subsidiary Eurovet Animal Health Ltd will be offering Eurovet products previously distributed by partner companies in the UK, so vets can expect to see brands they know and trust, as well as new brands. The company offers high quality products and a personal perspective, with a less complex business model, allowing more customised, individualised responses and offering greater flexibility than competitors. Eurovet’s philosophy is to listen to the veterinary profession and develop products with real added value to them and their patients. While Eurovet in the UK is currently a small company, the parent company provides access to international expertise, support and resources as well as connections to thousands of vets and veterinary networks across Europe. Eurovet products will be available from veterinary wholesalers and include Forthyron® – a licensed levothyroxine tablet for the treatment of canine hypothyroidism; injectables for cattle and pigs including Enroxil®, Fenflor®, Cyclosol® LA and Solacyl®, an oral NSAID; as well as Sedaxylan® – a xylazine injection for use in cattle, horses, dogs & cats and Rapidexon® – a corticosteroid for use in horses, cattle, pigs, cats & dogs. Eurovet is highly regarded as a manufacturer of water soluble veterinary medicines including Octacillin® – a water soluble amoxicillin for use in chickens and Soludox® – a water soluble doxycycline for use in pigs. Further information about Eurovet’s range of products is available from Eurovet Animal Health, Compass House, Chivers Way, Histon, Cambridge, CB24 9AD Tel 01223 257933 E mail [email protected]

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