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Virbac Announces Significant Licence Change For Zoletil™

3 months ago

2nd April, 2024 12h51

Virbac Animal Health

Virbac is pleased to announce a change in licence for Zoletil™, the versatile, 2-in-1, injectable anaesthetic, which now has an extended in-use stability from 24 hours to 8 days.

Licensed for cats and dogs, Zoletil™ comprises a coactive balance between Tiletamine & Zolazepam and is formulated for maximum convenience and peace of mind. A single vial can now be used for 8 days after reconstitution when stored in a fridge at between 2o and 8o c, maximising the use of each vial, ultimately reducing wastage and providing a cost-effective solution.

Reconstituted to a ready mixed, balanced formulation, Zoletil™ is ideal for short and medium duration anaesthesia and with multiple administration routes including IV or IM administration which means it is a versatile choice for your practice needs.

Zoletil™ has been widely used by small animal vets for over 30 years and is ideal for a wide variety of common clinical procedures including use as a sole anaesthetic agent, or pre-medication in combination with other molecules. It can also be used as pre-medication of gas anaesthesia and is the pre-euthanasia anaesthetic of choice for many clinicians due to its rapid onset following intramuscular administration, reliable muscle relaxation and maintenance of blood flow to peripheral vessels allowing for ease of intravenous injection after its use

Zoletil is part of the anaesthetics range from Virbac which also includes Propofol®-Lipuro Vet (propofol), Buprevet® (buprenorphine), Medetor® (medetomidine hydrochloride), Revertor® (atipamezole hydrochloride).

For information on Zoletil™, or any of the other products in the Virbac anaesthesia portfolio, please speak to your Virbac Territory Manager.

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