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Wanted: Qualified Veterinary Nurses

16 years ago

23rd October, 2006 00h00

Employment agencies are reporting a nationwide shortage of qualified veterinary nurses, with some practices taking up to a year to fill places. The shortage is being felt most acutely in regional areas across Australia, and also in Western Australia. President of the Western Australian division of the Australian Veterinary Association, Dr David Neck said that while the shortage is an inconvenience for veterinary practices, it represents an opportunity for job seekers. “Veterinary nursing presents a rare opportunity for people to work hands on with animals. Vet nurses usually get to see a range of cases, so that the work is challenging and varied,” Dr Neck said. Dr Neck said that a shortage of vet nurses could be attributed to high employment levels across different industries, as well as a relatively high number of veterinary practices in Western Australia compared to other states. “Most employers prefer vet nurses to have completed at least Year 10 or equivalent. Training is provided on the job and is often supplemented by formal studies such as a TAFE or similar course. Most veterinary nurses work in veterinary practices, but work is also available in animal welfare organisations, research and teaching institutions, and government bodies,” he said. “Veterinary science is becoming highly specialised, so trained veterinary nurses can develop their careers in areas of their choice, such as working in animal behaviour, providing dietary advice, emergency work, and dealing with particular types of animals. “Other veterinary nurses progress into careers as practice managers and also in marketing. We expect that vet nurses with sound communication and organisation skills who can work as part of a team will be highly sought after for some time to come.” Click here for a list of jobs on VetClick in Australia

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