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World Animal Vaccination Day Highlights Need For Renewed Focus On Livestock Vaccination

10 months ago

20th April, 2023 18h29


Today is World Animal Vaccination Day, a time to recognise the significant impact that vaccines play in protecting livestock and pets from life-threatening diseases, enabling sustainable farming and production, and improving animal welfare.

But vaccines are only effective if they are used, and research shows that while the uptake of vaccines in the livestock sector has increased in the past ten years, vaccination rates could still be much improved.

That’s why NOAH (National Office of Animal Health) has brought together veterinary experts to create its Livestock Vaccination Guideline for on-farm use. This guideline brings together current veterinary clinical experience and research to provide guidance for vets and farmers to tailor appropriate vaccination programmes at a flock or herd leve,l to help realise the true potential of vaccination across the dairy, beef and sheep sectors.

It demonstrates a proactive, best practice approach to vaccination in these sectors to enable farmers and veterinarians to make decisions to ensure that animals are protected from disease, their health and welfare is safeguarded and they remain productive.

This NOAH Guideline supports UK animal health and welfare ambitions, food security and safety and advances the competitiveness of the produce from our livestock. Sign up to become a Livestock Vaccination Champion here

Dawn Howard, Chief Executive of NOAH said:

“On this World Animal Vaccination Day it’s vital that we recognise that livestock vaccination is not just a recommended practice but a critical one, especially as the world faces new challenges such as emerging diseases, climate change, and changing demands. We must continue to promote the crucial role of livestock vaccination in ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for animals, farmers, and consumers alike. The NOAH Livestock Vaccination Guideline aims to ensure that that we are harnessing one of the best tools for the prevention of disease and animal suffering by providing those who make decisions about animal health and vaccination across the industry and on the farm access to best practice guidance.  

“This will not only help improve health and welfare on individual farms but also help raise health and welfare levels across the whole country, meaning UK farming will be better equipped to provide safe, high-quality and nutritious food, while also delivering the environmental benefits from healthier animals.

“Livestock vaccination can be complex, but provides huge benefits, not just for animal health and welfare, but also has a positive impact on food, economic and job security in the UK. Having the right tools, medicines and technology to provide adequate prevention, diagnostics, monitoring and treatment has never been more important. We must continue to promote the critical role of livestock vaccination in ensuring a healthy and sustainable future for animals, farmers, and consumers alike.

“As well as helping ensure the vaccines we have available today are used most effectively, NOAH members are working on pioneering new vaccines for existing diseases, including those which can help against disease that may develop in the future, benefiting not only animals, but also people.”

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