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Anaesthesia Of The Exotic Patient For Nurses 26th April 2023

Central CPD

1 year ago

Date: Thursday 26th January, 2023
Start time: 10:00 AM
Cost: £195

Exotic species are being more frequently presented to veterinary practices, with the expectations of owners increasingly high. As such, it is as equally important for veterinary nurses, as well as veterinary surgeons to keep up to date with the most recent developments in the understanding of anaesthetising and analgising these often-complicated species.

It is a constantly changing field as we learn and understand more about these animals and it can be an area of clinical practice that is sometimes concerning for nurses, as they differ substantially from domestic species.

These lectures will aim to take you through the most recent ideas on anaesthetising and managing the pain in a range of exotic species including small mammals, reptiles, birds and aquatic species. The importance of pre-operative assessments and post operative care will also be covered and species specific differences that are essential to understand if we are to offer the best possible care to our patients.

Topics to be covered:

Client education and preparation protocols for anaesthesia
Pre-anaesthetic assessment of exotic species
Pre-operative blood sampling
Capnography essentials
Species specific anaesthetic protocols and considerations
Species specific nursing care
Post operative care of the exotic patient; to include wound management

The Venue

Central CPD

Number of CPD hours this event can be recorded as

7 hours

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