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‘Advocates Of Knowledge’- The Interactive CPD Platform For Vets Is Launched

5 days ago

30th July, 2020 13h01

Bayer HealthCare

A new set of free interactive online CPD modules to help veterinarians communicate key information (including treatment and prevention strategies) to their clients about lungworm (Angiostrongylus vasorum), following the UK COVID-19 lockdown has been launched, supported by Advocate.

The aim of these CPD lungworm modules is to help vets feel confident in assessing the lungworm risk in their area; recommending current prevention and treatment regimes; and maintaining effective communication with clients as the UK emerges from lockdown.

The focus on lungworm is especially timely, given that, according to research carried out by 3GEM among UK dog owners in lockdown, only one in three dog owners is using a preventative product against lungworm1.  This is worrying news for vets, when lungworm is endemic across much of the UK, with over 2,500 cases reported2.    The 3GEM survey also found that over half of UK dog owners don’t know what lungworm is, with one third of them unaware of the risks posed by slugs and snails to their dog’s health. And two thirds of respondents aren’t confident that they would catch their dog eating a slug or snail.

The CPD modules have been specially developed by different subject-matter experts. The modules will sit on the ‘Advocates of Knowledge’ digital platform. The first module, launched this July, is by Dr Jenny Helm, European Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine and Senior Veterinary Clinician at the University of Glasgow.

Dr Helm’s CPD module is titled ‘Lungworm post lockdown: what do I need to know?’ It will focus on key questions that vets have asked around protecting dogs against lungworm post lockdown. Jenny will answer each of the following questions:

The aim of these short videos by Dr Helm will not just answer veterinarians’ questions on lungworm, but enable them to speak confidently with clients about how to protect their pet.

The second module, from Dr Simon Tappin, European and RCVS Recognised Specialist in Small Animal Internal Medicine, and Head of Medicine at Dick White Referrals, will take the form of an interactive case-based discussion on lungworm. He will use clinical cases to talk through presenting signs, and how to approach investigation of these cases, as well as looking at treatment and prevention strategies. 

Vicky McAlister, Senior Brand Manager for Advocate, commented: “During lockdown, dog owners have modified their behaviour (including spending more time outdoors with their dogs), and this may have affected the risk of dogs becoming infected with lungworm. So we’re very pleased that, together with our experts, we’re launching informative, engaging and relevant CPD lungworm modules for vets, to help provide them with the information needed, and importantly to encourage communication with dog owners regarding this important subject matter”.

Interested vets can sign up for the CPD modules here -

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